Coffee and Miao

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=.= Goat, damn it.

Hate it when this happens especially when I’m meeting deadlines. Sometimes coffee just doesn’t work very well on me, I will still fall asleep and snore like a babi and the worst part is the coffee starts working many hours later.. sometimes till

Oh, speaking of coffee, I remember…




Sigh…time waits for…no cats

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  1. Lol, I experience the same thing. Can even blackout after drinking a cup. XD

    hahaha sure die when the assignment due date is on the next morning XD

  2. Espresso is like sleeping pill to me. Flat on the bed 2 hours after a double shot. LOL.

    I guess when you still feel sleepy after a cuppa, it means that you are immune to caffeine already. Haha.

    I never try before. don’t dare.. lol

  3. Lols, yeah coffee, bitter but taste good.. Haha, I know someone who couldn’t miss coffee for a day.. O.o

    yealo.. last time when small dunno to appreciate the bitterness XD
    hahaha who?

  4. true.. coffee can only work few hours later.. means nid to drink around 9pm if u really wanna burn midnight oil until 5am… T__T

    i drank that time but next day morning just awake LOL

  5. LOL. I have the same theory about coffee when I was young. Never really liked it… and before I even realize it… coffee became one of my favorite drink. *Uncle alert*

    Time waits for no one. *Sigh*

    Speaking of coffee… I always prefer Mocha, though it’s very ‘heaty’ because it contains both choco and coffee. =)

  6. Jian, we should meet up at Starbucks some day 🙂 I’m into Americano (noooo sugar). You?

    Sure!! see when i go KK . we can yumcha together probably some business talk together 😛

  7. actually i like coffee when i was small …soon i become unfond of it as coffee often causes an insomnia within me….this few months, i decided to try to drink based espresso but i cannot get on bed till 3am T3T

    wow, so impressive….you project a rainbow from your dripping saliva… XD

    gosh expresso is strongest one..
    i usually go for latte.. more milk XD

  8. coffee or tea doesn’t work on me…i’ll still sleep like a piggy *snore* XD anyhow no matter how much i try starbucks, coffee bean or even kopitiam kopi-o etc….i still never like coffee…so I AM YOUNG~!!! HOHOHOHOHO

    garghh how can this be possible???

  9. i immuned to coffee edi too…still looking for new source of ‘power drink’ lols… I cant drink too much coffee thou…will get gastric lols

    Fuwahh i know i know.. power coffee!!
    90% coffee power 10%water XD

  10. “Sigh…time never waits…no cats”

    supposed to be:

    “Sigh…time waits for…no cats”

    hahaha thanks i go edit it now 🙂

  11. Woah, I didn’t know you had the same experience as me too.. I used to make coffee for my grandma and I kept asking her what is so nice about bitter!… and she just said “Nice what…” I never understand that statement until my uni years where I drank coffee to burn midnight oil.. and that moment, coffee was good.. @@

    That said as well, at times it doesn’t work!! just like you! why ahh! T_T

    hahahha same here i also started during university to study overnight XD

  12. Coffee never works the way I want it to work!
    (Usually to avoid napping at 3pm on Sunday afternoon). Then sama like you. hours later when I want to sleep can’t sleep pulak. I prefer tea XD coffee to me is an unreliable, despo attempt to avoid sleep. Hee..

    Tea doesn’t work on me tho

  13. coffee = sleeping potion for me =.= usually when i do last minute job i’ll go sleep 30minutes 1st… wake up and go wash my face… then go and do the work till the end =P hahahaha

    Lol i can’t .
    once i sleep, i sleep LOL

  14. I still don’t like coffee. (so I’m not an auntie yet??) ahhaa. I do drink nescafe though – but it don’t work on me. If I wanna sleep, I’ll still sleep like a log – coffee or not. haha

    but you drink nescafe so consider already XD

  15. u have drawn exactly what happen to me ALL the time! LOLs noooo not uncle miao hahaaa later u will need to add janggut to your drawing =P


  16. haha.. miao an uncle now. XD
    coffee is not my drug. i prefer neslo.. n confirm next day I’ll have headache cause can’t sleep that nite..

    Omg neslo!! long time no drink..
    I know what you feel T3T

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