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  1. hahahaha the “angry bird” epidemic XD perhaps you can try Angry Birds version PC

    try before XD but touch screen more syok

  2. Exactly the same here.. I even said “This is the last try” for an hour and I was still trying.. Guess I fell into the trap liao~ XD

    hahahaha exactly the same XD

  3. Lols!! Same when I was playing it for the first time and wanted to throw my PSP outside.. Angry birds makes us angry huh hihi.. -.-”
    The pig seems want to laugh hihi.. He challenges you! xD

    Yealo rwrr!!!!

  4. hate it, when there’s only one pig left and still can’t kill that pig….
    that smirking pig make me raaawwwrr!!

    yaya especially u were sooo close to finish it..

  5. … i finished playing it already… hahahahha =P the last episode will be the best coz u can hit all the pigs with one big angry bird XD and i repeat that last episode juz to have my revenge on the pigs! wahahahahha

    Wahh which one? the normal 1?
    i hvn’t play that yet. Was playing Rio and season XD

  6. somtimes i’ll just go utube how they pass the level. just dont get it why the utube uploaders can pass every stage with 3 stars @.@

    hahaha somemore they kill with a single bird XD

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