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The day we’re together as one. 🙂

And in conjunction of this Malaysia Day, we, the Malaysia’s Comic&Doodle Bloggers came together for a collaboration just to wish you all..

A Happy Independence Day to Sabahan and Sarawakian!!

A Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians and Happy Holiday to all who are in Malaysia!!!!

Woohoo MALAYSIANS for the WIN!!

Btw, here’s a list of the Comic&Doodle Bloggers who participated.  from left to right

1. Bolehland
2. Sharkox
3. Theeggyolks
4. cheeChingy
5. theBROS
7. Pauline
8. Ernest
9. Kouda Mainframe
10. MissMorbids
11. Pek Chek Kia
12. SolarCrab
13. akiraceo

Do check their awesome blogs out!!! RAWR!! Especially the last one!  oh wait.. that’s .. me

Anyway, I really had lots of fun during this collaboration, the bloggers were simply awesome and fun to work with.

 Hope we can have more collaborations in future 🙂

By the way, if you’re a Malaysia Comic/Doodle Blogger, do join us at Facebook ^^ The more the merrier.

P/S: my explanation on the Malaysia Day might not be 100% correct, its just a rough idea 😛

P/S: Correction! Malaya was not formed on 31August but gained independence that day(source: Nana)

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  1. ngehehe. Happy Malaysia day!

    Just one itsy bitsy correction. Malaya was not formed on 31st August 1957. The term was used to describe the now-peninsular (and its used-to-be territory) waaaay before that. It just got its independence on that day 🙂

    ah well, tomato, tomato~~ hehe

    hahah thanks for the correction ^^

  2. it will be really nice learning history with comics like yours

    happy malaysia day!

    hahaha history is interesting if they are made into comics XD

  3. Happy Malaysia Day!! Hahaha.. I can only see one “non-human”creature a.k.a. Miao in the last picture.. XDDD

    That’s what they said too XD
    I’m the non human

  4. Brunei was in the plan of joining Malaysia, but soon backed out..

    Singapore did not left, however was kicked out..

    🙂 But reading this strip really is fun comparing to my history lectures.. -__-‘

    Same here T3T if only history class hv more pictars to explain them

  5. Meow, if you were my cikgu sejarah during my good ol’ school days…I sure won’t fall asleep back then… Consider writing comics for our upsr, spm. It will be great for the kids!!

    I think so too!!!
    maybe i should go and be a history teacher

  6. lol disappointed me how you didnt do research before posting this :SSSS

    I checked, the Brunei really didn’t merge as they did not sign in the first place XD
    so i wasn’t wrong

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