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  1. Haha… Back then, when i was a kid, i very2 takut with katak in bathroom…

    Now, still takut with katak in bathroom. Don’t know why

    faster cium it , then it might change into a princess

  2. i gt the same feeling as u too when i was a child in grandma house! wander how they went in the bathroom and after my observation, they purposely came in and stay in bathroom =.,=

    LOL they need to pee XD

  3. gyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *faints

    ok, that’s an exegeration, but yes, I have encountered these unwelcomed visitor in bathroom numerous of times. Really hate it~ huhu~~

    hahaha froggie still okay

  4. Wow it’s big!! I hope I never find one in my bathroom… :s

    I think I’ve only seen cockroaches in the bathroom (lizards and spiders don’t count I guess…they’re there all the time)…and that’s more than enough!!

    Really big.. the size of my palm @@

  5. wow…wat a great visitor u had. mine was the most rare visitor in my life when my little sis bath…u know who is tat?


    ‘Centipede’ n ‘Pigeon’…i oso wondering where did they come from…huhu~
    do u? XP

    Wahh pigeon??!
    How did it got in? O.o

  6. Yer… how you get rid of it…
    Lol… I dont even dare to step in the bathroom…
    hehehehehe > <"

    i didn’t XD
    When I got back from dinner, it was gone

  7. ….all I think if saw a frog in the toilet is to not to use that toilet.

    that is a brave of you to take the photo of it •w•)b

    Its a frog so there’s nothing to afraid of XD

  8. I remember once there is a frog in my bathroom and my dad help me to catch it!!! I was screaming like crazy outside the bathroom~ hahahaha

    hahahahaah XD
    poor froggie.. sure sad

  9. o.O” !?!?!?! froggy from….. *points* THAT??!! did you put froggy back from where he came from?? how you get rid of it?? -_-”’

    also, i love the new banner!!! super cute!!! kekeke

    It disappear on its own @@

  10. Haha i like ur take on the comic! 🙂
    One time i saw a centipede in the toilet bowl at home. i think i stayed away from that toilet for months… the thought of it crawling up… i dun think i wanna get into any more detail. lol

    Centipede is scary!
    its poisonous @@

  11. LOL! I so understand your situation. There was this one time (in a band camp), I was attending a BTN course and we had to stay at this hostel. The toilet and baths was not that bad, but because there was like 30 of us, and 10 toilets and shower rooms, so you can imagine how the traffic was like during peak hours. However, to my suprise, I found out this one particular toilet which nobody wanted to use. Because, there was a frog in it.

    Heck. It was just another case of when you gotta go, you gotta go. But in the end, that toilet became my exclusive Miss Anis’s toilet because I was the only person brave enough to face Mr. FrogFrog. LOL! So yea, thanks Mr. FrogFrog for being my guardian! <3

    hahahah seems like the Froggy IS your prince 😀
    XD saving you

  12. i dun like frog…i dun like it more bcos u draw it so cutely that i can’t say that thingy is ugly anymore 😛

    hahahahah im sorry T^T

  13. Hahaha… Your froggy remind me something from the past.
    My kampung house bathroom got tortoise inside. And when I taking my shower, that freak lil’ tortoise stretched his neck & starred at me. Ewww… So my shower time always less than a minute ( so malu mah!!!).

    wahhh what a cheeky tortoise @@

  14. i once got a yellow frog in my bathroom =D and it’s sticking high up on the wall end up there for a few days coz i cant reach it to catch it and put it outdoor.. =.= until i go and get the stairs…itu pun coz my sister is nagging about the frog and wanted to kill it with a bug spray >.< noo it's too cute to be killed lol

    Wahh stick for few days.. that frog is strong XD

  15. I have have problems when taking bath in my bathroom.. Always Mr. Cockroach inside shower tab.. O.M.G always need to kill it before I shower… Hate it.. sometimes in the middle of shower.. some insects running around.. I feel so itchy.. and yelled out… >.<

    eek.. time to put some insect repellent in the bathroom

  16. ==…. u make me remember when i use the tandas at my poly’s hall… it was a raining day… and is oredi night time.. i was having an event for my department…. (Buka puasa)…. and u know… everyone have to “GO”…. so….. i enter the tandas… i saw nothing was there.. i close the door… and when i was about to do what i wan to do…. i saw a big.. BIG frog was sitting in front of me…. and looking at me… really!!! it really freak me out O.O!!!

    hahhaha you almost make think you saw a ghost in there XD

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