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I catch a COLD and she follows me back home. T3T

I have been sick way before I went to Singapore, it got better a bit when I returned but worsen the next morning =.= and now I have a sexy voice….with a running nose LOL

Probably gonna visit the doc tomorrow morning.

On the side note, I went for a body checkup the other dayΒ and found out I have low white blood cell count. Maybe this explains why I get sick so easily. Anyone have idea what should I eat to increase it?

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  1. Regarding the white blood cell thing, you really should consult with doctor.

    Get well soon!

    yeah should ask the doc when I see her again

  2. can always search online for recipe lols …and try avoid eating stuff like guava and seaweed that lower ur sugar in ur blood lols… those r good for ppl wif high blood pressue only.

    Take care miao~

    no more seaweed for me T3T

  3. I dunno wat u need to eat for low white blood cells, but i know apples are good for curing cold/flu.

    Get well soon:)

    Well, an apple a day keeps the doctor away~
    *throws doctor with apples*

  4. It depends if it is a hot or cold type of cold. (Sounds weird, I know, but it is true!)

    1. Hot cold is when you are too heaty (fa re qi) caused by late nights, spicy food, not enough of water, etc.
    solution : cooling drinks – liang cha (when it’s not that bad), Fomec’s pei pa koa, and drink a lot of water until you need to pee every 5 minutes. Worse case, take flu medicine.

    2. Cold type of cold(=.=”) is when you catch a E.g: when you get caught in the rain and the wind blows, by which you would feel like you’re having fever(which means, you’d feel hot), but at the same time, you’ll feel cold. (Hot and cold at the same time)
    solution : wear tons of jacket, sweat it out, and don’t let the wind get to you. Preferably, do not switch on the fan or air-cond until you no longer feel hot and cold at the same time.
    Worse case, take paracetamol

    But since you said you were feeling unwell when you traveled, my guess is no.1(Hot cold – FA RE QI!)

    yes!, first one would be me.
    I drink a little water when I go travel @@

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