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I always have this feeling where things around me suddenly feels so familiar as if I see them or been at that situation before. And sometimes I have it way too often.

Some say its a precognition thing. Some say that one eye sends the image second slower than the other eye making the brain receives the image twice creating this dejavu feeling.

The last time I experienced this was last week in Singapore @@.

I was leaving the field after a concert and suddenly everything looked familiar to me. The guy beside me dropped his bottle startled the girl beside him, then the security guy shouting at the front instructing the crowd to move to the other exit and followed with a surge of strong winds came shaking the big trees. 

It feels so much like the scene in the Final Destination movies. @@ And every times something like this happens, I will just pause and look around, trying to recall what will happen next. Usually i can’t recall anything that happens next.

Well, just hope..


Do you guys ever have this Dejavu feeling before?

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  1. LOL!!

    About the Dejavu thing, yeah I experienced it a lot.. until I become so bored already T_T and sometimes my head aches T_T

    lol until bored XD

  2. Yes… ahaha~ They say (don’t ask me who, I have no idea) that we actually dream of things that will happen before it actually happens. But, only a few can actually remember those dreams at all. So I guess, when we have this dejavu feeling, it might mean we had experience it before, in our dreams? Ah well~~

    as if everything is meant to happen?

  3. Happens to me lots of time, sometimes on normal day basis…like…I felt I’ve done this report before somewhere…sumtimes on not so normal things…like I saw my cat falling down from my bed…and it strikes me that I’d seen her fall before… (dat was one damn funny fall…hahahhahaha)

    lol XD he was rolling on the bed?

  4. wooo.. creepy creepy.. really feel lik Final Destination..
    I can’t remember if I gt such feeling before, but if it is so, i wish i can know the 4D number.. hahaha~

    Oh! you seems like the first to not have this here 😀

  5. I get those vision in my dreams .______.
    They happen within a period of 2 years++

    wahh you remember is within 2 yrs O.o
    i can’t rmb when XD

    but i do have lots of good dreams.. i hope they come true XD

  6. Yes… I get what you mean…^_^ I’ve experienced it sometimes too..
    Some people say it’s because you’ve dreamt of the situation before or something and you forgot about it until it happens, thus Dejavu. XD

    if thats the case, so whatever we do, we will ended up at that place afterall?

  7. yeahhh yeahh!!
    like that day, was at the cafeteria eating with my classmates and then suddenly it seems so familiar.. the place they sit, the things they say, its like i saw that in my dream before….

    and also some other events whichi cant remember at all edi

    exactly the same here!

  8. been having it since i was a lil girl. but it’s gone now but does come once a while.

    if u’re very curious..u might wanna read up on astral projection. however, for us who have no control over our soul, the most logical explaination (for what i believe) is that when we sleep, our soul leaves our body and wanders through time and space. the soul may have seen it as it travels away from our body and returns when we wake up though we obviously have zero memory of what our soul has done/seen thus resulting in dejavu 😀

    well, upto u to believe or not! hehehe

    hahaha thanks for the read up 😀

  9. sorry. what i meant was it results in dejavu when the situation/scene your soul has been in/seen takes place in ur real life that u realise “this shit is so familiar”

    say hello to dejavu 😀

    but the scene everything seems familiar means everyone is there too?

  10. Oh wow,
    I just had this exact feeling a few seconds ago.
    That scene was so familiar.
    Everything seems happened before.
    I know I saw that scene before…
    Hmm.. x(

    Woahh dejavu reading my post XD

  11. Scientifically speaking, experts say that it’s due to a part of the brain that is responsible for recognizing faces and situations going a little out of whack which caused such said deja vu feeling. In other words, your brain is processing the images it sees as something it has seen before despite not having seen those thing before that at all. It isn’t because anyone has any precognition ability or has been through the exact same situation (though there’s the possibility that psychic abilities do exist).

    Thats what I read up too

  12. phew…i am not alone!! 😀

    yeah, it happens to me too….but the trouble is i can’t rmb what happens next….

    hahaha same XD

  13. it happens to me a few times so far ^^ it takes at least 6 months. Once I dreamt out the physics test paper and it came out exactly the same o.O” this worries be because sometimes I dream very bad things ='( hope those don’t happen. Mayb it’s a cats 6th sense thing?~

    hahaha XD 7th sense

  14. Yep! Me too! I keep getting these deja vu feelings in these recent years. I feel that all the things I experienced had happened before and that I am going back through time and repeating the same scenario. haha.

    Cuz I often wish I can turn back in time and make a different decision in the same scenario. =x

    I know what you mean.. everyone does..
    but what happened happened.. we can’t change it but we can’t what it left for us 😀

  15. I guess it common among us to have this dejavu feeling and the worst i encounter. I cant recall it happens on real life or in my dream. Or i remember i had done this but why am i doing it all over again (reports or replying email) lol. Inception!!! haha

    hahahaha i had that before..
    like why am i doing all over again T3T

  16. I get this feeling sometimes too… Most of the time I know that I have dreamt it before…

    Often it happens in places/countries I know I have not physically been to before…

    Does that mean, everything is pre’destined??? *scary lor*

    It’s like no matter what you do, you destined to reach that situation, right T3T

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