Miao on his way to Singapore

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I went to Singapore two weeks ago..


Usually when I go travel, I will bring my PSP with me to kill off the boring travel time but lately I would bring books with me instead.

Not sure why, I’m starting to love reading nowadays. Last time, lines and lines of words just make me sleepy and I would prefer a comic over this but now I can finish a whole book in few hours without noticing it. (still prefer comic tho)

Then again, it can’t change the fact I will get dizzy reading a book in the car. @@ erghhbluek..  I will get dizzy too when I surf or type on my phone. @@

Anyone here doesn’t go dizzy when reading in the car, please teach me how T3T





What did Miao saw?? Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Continues here..


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Comments 27

  1. O.o 50 sec..

    And my guess of what happened is… ticket counter closed?! long q!!! No food stalls?!?!?! xD

    hohoho nope 😛

  2. Even with the help of music I can only last up to 30 minutes [ reading in a car] maybe you should chew something while reading. XD

    Never did that.. will try 😀

  3. just read ur book… dun look out the window n the surrounding… then u wont get dizzy..
    BTW… i didnt see the kitty there..huhuhu =(

    Its in there XD
    looking at you

  4. I love reading but unfortunately I also can’t read in the car…if anyone has a solution I would like to know too! 😛

    And I don’t know whether I found the kitty…every rock sort of looks like a kitty to me now… lol

    hahaha XD
    maybe there’s more than one cat?? XD kidding only one

  5. I usually prefer to listen to music, kepoh the ppl around me, day dream or just sleep. I have very bad motion sickness @___@” 30 mins on FPS games and I’m already nauseated ~

    hahah i used to dizzy on fps too XD

  6. i always feel dizzy and going to vomit everytime i read any words.. huhu..
    that’s why i always sleep in car.. XD
    So, the solution, sleep!

    Sleep already XD

  7. Personally I like to read a book during a long traveling trip. I also have problem with reading in a saloon car, but somehow I don’t feel dizzy when reading in the bus or mini van (in Russia they called it marshrutka).

    woahhh you’re good! i can’t. unless its a plane hahah

  8. Hmm, I Feel dizzy too, sometimes. @_@
    Especially when I read something difficult

    Found it~ XD

    Hahah the more simple more dizzy eh?

    gratz!!! 😀

  9. woaahh this is a tough one! thought I was gonna go juling HAHAAAA errr when u read in the car or train, just look at the book… before u look elsewhere, close ur eyes for a few secs first 😉

    ohh.. okay 😀
    willt try this next time

  10. I don’t get dizzy. I guess it’s because I simply love reading anytime anywhere.

    ps : can’t find the kitty. any clue ?

    Its looking at you XD

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  13. I don’t get dizzy when I read in the car xD
    The key is to take a break every now and then, take your eyes away from the teeny-tiny text and look at the scenery (wah, pretty…getting pretty dull….back to reading) =]

    Another way is to get a book that also has pictures~ pure text (walls and walls of it @_@) WILL make you feel dizzy…or maybe even sleepy…

    good way to sleep XD wall of words!

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