Prudential BSN Takaful: Funanciers Cartoon It! Contest

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Comic lovers and artists do check THIS out.

Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad is having a comic strip contest, the Funanciers Cartoon It! Contest. Best 5 comic strips will get to win him/herself a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet and also have their comic strips published in the local newspaper!!


And since it is organized by a Takaful company, the topics will be on Takaful related. In case you don’t know, Takaful is a type of insurance based on Islamic principles of mutual guarantee.


Well, for more detailed info you can check out the link here. <HERE> . This might even help you with your comic strip ideas for the contest too. 😀


Anyway, if you are interested to join, here’s the link; if not, you can still check out the comic entrees there ^^
In case you’re interested to find out about Takaful plan, do have a look at PruBSN FirstLink plan.


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  1. Where got la Meowww~ No drawings. All inside my blog are taken from other people’s like I noted. And my cartoonized self was done by Ernest from “bro, don’t like that la bro!” I REALLY can’t draw. In my family only my dad and sister can.

    And you should join the contest! I bet you will win! Or at least become one of the finalist.

    p/s: u saw my drawing? Means u dropped by my blog?? awwww…. so happy! hehe

    hahaha of coz i drop by XD
    i’m a silent reader of many blogs hehehe

    wait, your dad and sis, thats mean its in your gene!!

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