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Read part 1 first if you haven’t

Was nervous at that moment but later that…

Don’t you hate it when your phone dies when you need it the most?

So I didn’t manage to change any Singapore dollars that morning. The stupid Money-Exchange-Stall never open the shop even at 10am. @@

Then I thought I can just get everything I need when I reach Singapore. At first I thought the Queenstreet bus station would be a building with many stalls/shops inside but turned out it was a smallΒ desertedΒ bus stand. @@

I didn’t know the place very well and had no idea where to go to. Then, I thought of calling my friends but my Malaysia phone account was out of credit, hence no roaming can be done.

As there were no shops around, I wasn’t be able to get a Singapore phone line. Even there is, I can’t even buy one without Singapore dollars. So the first thing to do was to get some Singapore dollar in hand. Then, I realize I can use the GPS on my phone to find my way but turned out my phone battery was almost dried. =.=””

It was then, I felt kinda helpless and insecure without any money and phone.

How about you? What if you’re to choose to not have an item with you, which will you choose to? A wallet or a phone?

Suddenly, I realize there something that might save me and get me out of there…

Kekeke.. come guess what it is.. πŸ˜›

Continues here..

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  1. At the last panel, I can almost heard the doraemom sound when he pull smoothing out of his pocket XD nice cliff hanger!

    hahahaha XD take out bamboo copter XD

  2. Ya.. Queenstreet station is a small bus stop, you should have walked to Bugis which is like 5-10 mins away to change πŸ˜› I am guessing you got Singapore EZ Link card ???

    I have nothing :((

  3. and then… *poof*!! EVERYTHING WAS A DREAM! haha
    it’s not a trip if this kind of things doesn’t happens, so you can tell your friends (and readers) your adventures! πŸ˜€

    Yeah XD
    the more stuffs happened the more things i can blog XD

  4. Find a Malaysian to accept your Malaysian ringgits and change Singapore dollars for you… At least, that’s what I would try… πŸ™‚

    but they look almost the same XD hard to know

  5. I’m guessing: credit card?

    I’d better have my wallet with me btw. I can use it to buy a phone in emergency situation hahaha

    Fuuuu you must well loaded XD to buy a phone in case of emergency

  6. heheee ATM/VISA card?? or ez link card HEHE voucher??? hmmm.. maybe the book u were reading is a travel related book?

    faidi reveal the answer miao!!! LOL

    hehehe dont wan tell lalala

  7. im guessing either laptop online to look for SG frens for SOS, or someone from msia to help u reload your prepaid number…

    later u wil know

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