Where Are We?

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Sorry for the slow updates.

In case you’re wondering where am I. Well, I’m away from Melaka again. ^^

But this time I’m not alone, my colleagues followed me along..

and are having some culture shocks over here. XD

Anyway, do check out the video below..

where the mountain/clouds and the beach/sea meets.

Come and guess where are we 🙂

There is a hint in the video above.



The answer is Kuching, Sarawak of Malaysia Borneo.

The actual location where the video was taken is Damai Central, a newly setup multi purpose complex located right in the middle of Damai Beach Resort, Damai Puri Resort and Spa and the Sarawak Cultural Village.

My colleagues found it very strange where we had to drive our way up the Mount Santubong to reach the seaside. It seems like as if the sea is on the mountain. And the low level cloud/mist making it even weird. Hahaha…

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  1. very nice view.Is this place worth visiting ?i’ll be having a family trip to Kuching soon,might add this into Itin…

    er ..is this place in Kuching? ^^

    You will be there.. because the Sarawak Cultural Village is just opposite it XD

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