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  1. So true. Involuntary time travel. Lol.

    Omg Nyan cat ringtone! I use the orchestrated version as mine. :3

    There’s a jazz version very nice too!

  2. yep~ same like me yaah!! hehehe, wake up early @ 5 a.m.. then just close me eyes for a second.. and.. viola~ it’s 6 already!! >3<

    hahahaha like time traveling!

  3. XDDDDD always happen to me…so so so lazy to wake up for morning class…especially when it comes to NICE WEATHER super hate lor…I’ll like damn you alarm damn you utar timetable…

    Morning classs arggghhh
    ask ppl sign attendance 😛 prob solved!

  4. ya…experienced before, woke up by my brother’s phone alarm lol. feels like just a few seconds only, but actually few hours had passed.

    Woahhh more geng, few hours @@

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