It’s 11.11.11!!

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Happy 11.11.11, a day that doesn’t comes by easily.

Which makes it a special day for some, a big day for those who are getting married today, and to some it’s just a date, nothing special. For me, well, it’s freaking FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!  😛

How about you? What are you gonna do today?

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  1. 11.11.11 is just like any normal day to me, work work work. =x but for sure the next day’s newspaper got many couples got married on this day.

    Miao wanna get married? X3

    Of coz not. XD
    Didn’t even think bout it, just that everyone is so ma folo XD

  2. 1. Jay Chou new album release today.
    2. Birthday of a One Piece character – Roronoa Zoro
    3. It is freaking Friday XD (quote from a happy cat :p)

    Oh! it’s Zoro birthday?!

  3. hahaha i had exam and two essays due on today! i saw couples taking wedding photos near my exam hall though. too bad got so many uni students waiting for exams 😛

    Lol poor couples but why choose the exam hall @@

  4. 11.11.11… kinda cool =D i got to go for a short taklimat at Promenade Hotel then had buffet for lunch … then go home XD weee~~ 1/2 day!!

    Woahh buffet!
    I long time no have buffet.. kinda miss Hatz chicken

  5. nothing special… but just for fun, wanted to take a picture with my fren at 11.11.11, 11.11pm, but totally forgotten abt that… until its too late T_T*sad*

    retune your clock then take XD

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