Hello Mr Grass

Jian Akiraceo Ofix 23 Comments

Emm..ehh… let’s welcome Mr Grass..

This post actually dedicated to my colleagues XD unless you also have a similar encounter ^^”. Hopefully not.

Well, different people have different lifestyle, we can’t say anything about it 🙂

Their lives, their ways.

Then again, I wonder…

if something like this will ever happen XD

Comments 23

  1. hahaha cute klutz Mr. Grass

    btw why this time no outline for human???? hardly to see humans in mellow yellow background

    Fixed 😀

  2. when discussing something this kind of people will sure come out one. Or another scenario, after Person A suggest an idea and Person B to Z lazy think and say “same lah, same lah” Heyeer really =.=! at these people loh

    hahaha ^^”

  3. can draw sheep also!!

    in regards to previous comment about taking wedding photos near exam hall, the hall is the royal exhibition building and is surrounded by a pond, fountain and nice garden haha

    hahha why sheep?

    ouuuu no wonder.. what uni is that?

  4. I know a person who has similar characters! This person doesn’t agree to everything others say, though. This person throws suggestions in all directions, and doesn’t follow-up not take any concrete actions to turn those suggestions into actions.

    If you asked me, I’d say, No Action, Talk Only. LOL.

    no action, talk only sounds like our Gov XD

  5. im a little confused .___.

    oh, its about this new colleague who is like a grass that just agree on any sides.. but when asked about some suggestions/opinions, he just quiet.. (a grass that just move when blow)

  6. haha…i met this kind of people before, i think i’m the opposite of this characteristic, i used to reject others opinion, but not often la…lol

    The Mr… eh… emm.. *can’t think of a name*

  7. I know many mr. grass lo….even one of my close friend….but is a miss grass la….haha until got once one side tell her off by saying ” i dun like ppl to polish shoe”… XD

    LOL direct! I like! 😀

  8. oh dear…this is the situation that exist in our company. there’s this ‘lalang’ who agree with everything and give major problem to all of us when she agrees to everything that the client said and make us engineers look bad when a problem arises at our client side.

    Marketing and Engineering never gets along well

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