Forward Email Like a Boss

Jian Akiraceo Ofix 25 Comments

The other day I received this email about an engineer who suicide because of work stress.

Instead of just deleting it, I forward it to my supervisor XD bwahahahaha



and turned out she went and forward the email to our boss XD LOL!!

Now we have to see whether our workload decrease or not in the coming few days hahahahaah

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! REALLY LIKE A BOSS!!! i hope i got a email like urs so that i can forward to my boss “LIKE A BOSS” HAHAHA!!! EPIC!!! Ur Blog should be in the finalist lar!!!

    I forward to you!! 😀

    hahaha I’m not that good enough

  2. wah…so daring…but it also depend on what boss or supervisor we all got lor…previous when i work time i just dare to send to my supervisor but my supervisor dare not send to our boss…>< so workload does not decrease…T_T

    Indeed hahaha it depends on the boss and supervisor

  3. wahahahaha~~~
    nice one miao~~~
    why forward that one~~~ why not forward food coupons to them to see if they ‘know what to do’ with the coupons~~~
    if you know what i mean~~~

    I don’t want food i want less workload XD

  4. How brave are you. I really hope I can do it like you did. Yeah, hope the workload will decrease.
    Good luck for you guys. ^___^

    Thanks hehe

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