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Do you hate it when you went to this place with your friends and everyone is having fun but you can’t as you are either sick or having the time of the monthΒ (for the ladies)?

Well, I do..especially when the location is..

*taken with Samsung Galaxy S2 and Camera360 application (Retro style)*

*taken with original Samsung Galaxy S2 camera app*

T___T Β Well, I ended up hiding in the room blogging.

Maybe I should…

LOL just joking..

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  1. Hahaha I thought you’re having the time of the month..

    Get well soon Miao. Have your feet dipped in the pool won’t hurt. πŸ˜€

    hahaha πŸ˜› it’s cold.. that what they said XD

  2. i wont care that much lo…i’ll just jump in!! enjoy 1st suffer later???=D you can take in panadol after play…but of course if ‘auntie visit’ i’ll hate it to the max!!!><

    I think one of my friend hving that time..

  3. Waaah…so sad lor. Can’t play together when you’re in a great place.
    May be next time can. I bet Wafu and Pafu enjoying it much. hahaha.
    Get well soon, Miao.

    hahaha they sunbathing like no tomorrow

  4. Somehow this remind me last time of a person who accidentally “pangsai” in the pool at a theme park…….Don’t worry, not here in Malaysia…

    Ohh phew… XD
    floating bombs are scary

  5. how much per entry to that swimming pool? or it is free for hotel guests? lols

    Its free for room guests πŸ˜€
    not sure about visitors

  6. That place look really familiar. In Singapore right? Or rather there’s actually one alike in Kota Kemuning apartment πŸ˜›

    Yep, the Marina Bay Sands.
    Oh there’s one at Kota Kemuning?

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