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  1. Haha…
    maybe the only thing i’ll ask Santa is for to get back teh control of my life xD
    that… or maybe a date with her (the chance to know her better…* sigh*)

    Go ask her out for a coffee!! πŸ˜€

  2. You are trying to take over the world… :O

    And gettng Wafu and Pafu back will help you achieve that goal?!! Smart cat eh… πŸ˜›

    Aiks! you found out!!
    i must kill u XD

  3. Granted! I will give you Wafu Pafu plush toys. ^____^
    You must miss them a lot. Aren’t you?

    Wahh plush toys! i want!
    kinda XD

  4. ishh okay Miao, even they don’t comeback, the memories will always floods back….
    impossibru santa is well done XD

    but but Its not impossibru face

  5. zOee… if miao became santa he’ll be saying Miaoy Christmas to all hehehehe.

    miao… maybe santa will give u dreams of wafu&pafu =D

    hahaha indeed XD
    then i rather hv a dream of dreamgirls XD

  6. miss the feeling of taking care and bullying them moments right??? adopt another look-alike wafu&pafu??? although the feeling towards them wont be the same anymore *sobz*=(

    Missing me sitting them watching them doing their own stuffs

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