Miao, Y U No save for us?

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Not exactly finish the whole box but I have this habit of eating 70-80% of the popcorn during the trailers session :/ Then, ended up with only drinks throughout the movies =.=

Sometimes I wonder should I get a two boxes of popcorns instead. Hmm..

What to do, nowadays the trailers are sooooooooo well made (or badly made- depending on how you view it), you can tell the whole story just from the trailer and sometimes it can even be a couple times moreΒ interesting than the movie itself XDΒ  hahaha..

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  1. I have the same problem -_-” though I prefer salted ones coz too much caramel gives me headache ^^ So I usually make other ppl carry the pop corn ;p

    I want caramel!! full of them

  2. wah….i cannot finish all popcorn..usually finish 10% after whole session then i never buy popcorn anymore…i think popcorn is too sweet

    I like it sweet :3
    sweet makes people happy

  3. Tend to do that a lot. Sometime I finish half of the popcorn even before entering the cinema.
    Need someone to hold it for you though.

    true! must hv one person holding it in one hand and a sword in another to keep me away XD

  4. hahah..u got this idea from 9gag right?saw it d other day.lol

    hahaha i went to movie the other day so thought of drawing. XD
    mana tau 9gag hv this :/
    There’s any thing I wanna blog about , then 9gag also hv it.. =.= now dunno wanna blog bout it or not TAT

  5. Just buy the big bucket lo – oh wait, you bought the big one actually? XD

    No lar.. but usually big one comes with two waters~ i don want so many waters

  6. Same problem here! Must buy the biggest popcorn bucket or buy more than one, or steal from friends πŸ™‚

    Steal from friend wont’ work. They also finish it LOL

  7. lols… my mom does that (with the small sized popcorn) but if it’s the regular sized ones she usually can only finish bout 1/2 den full ady… I dont eat popcorn (the popcorns here are too sweet for my liking)… so she cannot get the regular one if she only goes movies with me but if my bestie or my bf is joining then she can share a regular or large with them but quite funny lo cos either my bestie or bf will b seated in the middle so easier to pass the popcorn which is quite weird since I’m the daughter/friend/gf… Hahaha…
    so usually i buy coke, mash potatoes & chips or hotdog (if i’m especially hungry) and I won’t eat anything until the movie actually starts… so that way I won’t finish my snacks too fast πŸ˜€

    same here, nowadays they sell only those with caramels πŸ˜›
    I guess most people prefer that

    hahah indeed, it’s weird XD

    oh yesterday, I saw this girl next to me bought a big whole bag of snacks. She munched from the trailers to the end of the movie. @@

  8. 9gag? hahaha. Since I just read the thread yesterday. Yup, I believe a lot of people have that habit. But not really for me.

    I think i gonna overlap ideas with 9gags XD
    Y? It’s popcorn ~~
    speaking of which, why they don’t have poprice? T3T

  9. This also happens to my boyfriend and I but we don’t find it a problem. Just enjoy as you go :3

    but eating with movies is very enjoying πŸ˜€

  10. I like to reach the cinema early too…but I don’t usually take popcorn so that’s not a problem! πŸ˜›

    But popcorn needs to be finished quite quickly anyway…otherwise it gets stale! (though maybe not as quick as before the movie starts la…hehe)

    hahah sometimes i see people eating right outside the cinema XD

  11. HAHAHAHAHA…. lol.. I love popcorn… I think I ate up 40% already while waiting for my friend in the toilet and also while queuing to get in….. but regret it later when the movie officially starts/ .. πŸ™

    hahaha next time eat your friends one before the movie LOL!

  12. same here…. always buy the big popcorn combo.but always finish before 1/4 of the movie… i end up buying a biggg lolipop (biggest i can find… usually cost rm10++ =.= huhuhu) and eat it when i watch movies in cinema =P… this last for 2 hours lol =P

    hahahah best is popcorn flavor lolipop XD

  13. because, it’s pop corn. lol. I dunno, I usually have leftovers after the movie ended.~~ (inside the box. and some outside, stuck on my clothes, or tudung XD)

    you want pop rice? Bet it will taste weird though~

    hahaha i always hv them stuck on my clothes πŸ˜€
    I want pop rice!! it’s good πŸ™‚
    PopBarley also nice

  14. m gonna rise my hand up coz m doing the same thg as u… =[
    wht a sad habit…. always tot tht i can enjoy the popcorn during movie but end up holding an empty popcorn box till the end!!! ><"

    hahaha same here XD
    so the other day i control myself from eating any before the show

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