Hate it when..

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some idiots plays Chinese New Year Songs during this festive season.

I love to visit the malls whenever Christmas is near. It’s the only place fill with Christmas decorations and full of this festive season feel in Malaysia. I just love having Christmas tree, Santa, Reindeer, Snowman and Christmas Carols playing all over the place. (I like Christmas :P)

But during this season there’s always some idiots went and played those noisy Chinese New Year songs to ruin the mood..=.= when the Chinese New year is 1-2months away. :/

Sometimes I just feel like…

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  1. Yeah, there are shops where the staff wear santa hats but playing CNY song -_-” at least wait till 26th dec la~

    It’s like sooo not suitable right

  2. CNY songs (CD/VCD/DVD) is one of source of income for Malaysian singers/DJ. In fact, some of them only depend on CNY songs. 😛
    That’s why need to hard sell.

    But it’s not a Music shop T3T

  3. Because the cost so expensive to produce toys at North Pole, this year, Santa Claus already migrate to Shanghai. Cheaper. Hahaha

    …. that is why they played those Chinese songs (–_)

    hahahahahhaha this is a nice one 😀 but true also. China is cheaper XD

  4. try set your foot in Sibu. you’ll get the same incident like these. sometimes we kinda see its quite weird and unique at the same time where the decorations is red and white with both jingles and dong2chiangs songs in the air. hahah!

    Eh? I thought there’s a lot of Christians in Sibu

  5. Myb bcoz they dont celeb Xmas? Or they dont und english songs lol..
    but i get excited when it happens.. I love Cny songs hahaha..

    It like playing Christmas songs during CNY ^^”
    maybe they dislike Xmas O.o

  6. hahaha perhaps xmas is made in China LOL

    btw u draw bulldozer very nice!!!

    LOL XD
    xmas worr.. or you mean the presents?

  7. I agree with you but I don’t actually hate it. Instead I find it unusual that they start before Christmas is over

    yealoo that’s what i find weird also

  8. haha, inside the mall nearby my job, there’s a huge optimus prime figure xDD … i’m not sure if christmas or viral marketing xD

    Optimus prime with a santa hat?

  9. some places totally skip xmas n jump straight to cny already….dun feel christmasy this year… some malls are either having cny songs or totally silent…

    🙁 seems like festive season mood is going downhill

  10. I totally agree with you! The whole mall was playing Christmas store and this little store ended up playing the CNY songs. Literally ruined my mood as it’s a little too early for it. =.=”

    Wayyy to early..
    I will not go into that shop

  11. same… =.= and worse.. some shop played raya songs?? >.< huhuhuhu 1 malaysia theme ka??? hahahha

    Huh raya??!
    That’s like 9 more months to go

  12. 😆 I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING yesterday. I was at BTS yesterday and enjoyin all the Christmasy deco and suddenly I hear CNY songs and I was like… WTF?!?!?!?! Potong stim aje… and complaining nonstop abt how stupid these ppl are to spoil the Xmas mood with loud and noisy CNY songs… wait a few more days laaaa… *ish*
    And… and… and… last week me ma came home and blasted CNY songs and I was like :O Moooooommmmm!!!! shut that noisy excuse of a song!!! Xmas isnt over yet… *sighs* (in my mom’s defence, she was testing out a new CNY CD she bought… apparently la…)

    throw the CD!!

    then run for your life

  13. Isn’t it a little too rude to call people idiots during this festive season. After all, not everyone celebrates Christmas.

    True. I’m sorry for being rude 🙁
    I understand not all celebrate but it will better to hv some understanding and tolerance to not ruin the mood. imo.

  14. Hahahaha I know what you mean! I was so surprised when I entered CARREFOUR on the 2 days BEFORE Christmas. They were playing the tongtongchia songs and already packed away the christmas decorations and had CNY decorations for sale instead xDD I was like, “Whaaaa?”

    Before?! O.o wahh

  15. I said the same thing to my friends last year at Times Square, KL.

    ” Why are the lower floors Christmas and the upper floors Chinese New Year?”

    LOL XD you travel in time ahahah

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