Miaoorrryy Christmas and Happy Holiday to All!!!

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WOOHOOO!!!  😀 How are you celebrating your eve?

I went for Sherlock Holmes 2 just now, it was good!! 😀 Then, I hide myself in my house after that. Didn’t bother to go countdown. XD It’s crowded and jam everywhere @@.

Then again, I miss having a good small coffee time in a cafe with 1-2 close friends during Christmas. (Not like we ever celebrate like that before hahaha)

Anyway, any plans for tomorrow?

Last Christmas, I went for a Charity Run on Christmas Day and this year I will be in Johore!!! Attending my housemate’s wedding during the evening and might have to sleep on the roadside after that. =.= *sweat*

Anyway~~~Happy Holiday to all !! It’s the last festive season of the year!!!!


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  1. You’ll need more than a candy cane as a weapon to force people to give you all their presents… 😛

    Merry Christmas! (did Santa come?)

    No 🙁
    He got lost again

  2. Lol, Miao lives next to cinema? *I guess the cat was putting popcorns into its mouth again*

    Got only 1 present from gift exchange, not gonna give it out, kakaka!!

    Yeah, Not very far away XD

    Aww.. okay you can keep it LOL

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