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Preorder: Calendar 2012

Check this out!!

We can haz a Calendar for 2012!! Weee!!

For more info, please click  here.


Miao, Y U No save for us?

Not exactly finish the whole box but I have this habit of eating 70-80% of the popcorn during the trailers session :/ Then, ended up with only drinks throughout the movies =.=

Sometimes I wonder should I get a two boxes of popcorns instead. Hmm..

What to do, nowadays the trailers are sooooooooo well made (or badly made- depending on how you view it), you can tell the whole story just from the trailer and sometimes it can even be a couple times more interesting than the movie itself XD  hahaha..

Festive Season

Miao’s Letter to Santa

If Santa exist, I bet he will received a lot of weird or impossibru(impossible) requests XD

I bet he will shows this face every time it happens XD

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