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  1. Haha, I changed mine not too long ago…because I had to move house! I’m not even sure where’s my old one now… (all those memories, lost like that…lol)

    hahahaha the familiar scent XD

  2. i love my pillow fluffy so i changed almost every one year or one and a half. i guess i’m more of a player. =P

    youuuuu player!!
    Kesian the pillows hahaha

  3. one 4.5yrs old, one 3.5yrs old…and the 2 pillows in Msia *eh… hmm… ar…. koff… ehem…hem* >8 years (I think my babies just graduated from primary school n now in secondary school)
    (“=////////=) *malunya, run away… sobb~* Can’t sleep w/o them, am way too loyal…

    woahh you have a lot of pillows!

  4. Yeah.. Sometimes I miss my old pillow too… Hiks..
    Coz it has my tears, slobber, n snot too.. Hahahaha..

    hahahhahaha XD the scent!

  5. I have one that’s been with me for 23 years, entering 24 in a few months! My mom gave it to me when I was born, so not planning to dump this relationship anytime soon.. or ever! xP *runs*

    Don’t run!
    So do you wash it? 😛

  6. Err one year? Coz my old pillow damn keras already. Almost like sleeping on a rock, or a log. lol~

    eh? how it turns keras 1?
    hahaha mine just became flat like a blanket LOL

  7. So what did you do with your old pillow miao??? give up for adoption? ( I mean give to the needies)

    My Pillow just Change Last year…. cuz abit moldy already.
    But I still keep the Blanket since baby…. Even though is old and has holes in it, i still doesn’t want to throw…….. Now the Blanket serves a a “tablemat” for my Laptop… ^^

    The pillow cannot use d, so i threw it away wor.
    woahh i don’t have anything from my baby era :/
    hahaha now its your laptop blanket adi XD

  8. mine not pillow la…but my bobo (plush toy) without her i really cant sleep…if she fall on the floor i even can wake up during the wee hours to find her then bring her up on bed…hug…sleep…follow me since i’m in my mom womb and now i already 2X…still in very good condition…without her i cant sleep but without pillow i can sleep very well=D

    Awww…Maybe she accompanied your mum before you 😀

  9. I’m not sure how it become Keras as well. Usually the other pillows just become flat. Probably the stuffing material is different~ hmmm~~~

    Yeah, Probably i guess XD

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