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  1. haha.. was expecting you to have left smth in the car and it’s still raining.. then you gotta run back to the run!
    LOL 😛

    Luckily I didn’t XD else I will be like Jon hahaha

  2. Haha…that’s the worst… Then you start thinking, why did I drive so fast?

    Yeala.. when i reached my seat, my colleague asked me why i’m all wet

  3. hahahaha!! wat the heck! well i hate it too! miao is so cute! :p

    hehehe thank youu T3T
    sometimes like wanna go out, it rains, then stay home, it’s all hot again

  4. Haha…cute n funny but i haven’t meet this situation before. btw, i think wafu&pafu want u have a ‘cat shower’ 4 you keep fresh n clean…

    don’t you agree? hikeke~ XP

    With the thunder/lightning hammer in Wafu’s hand.. I doubt XD hahaha

  5. LOL MARIO!! xD n yea it sometimes rain like tat in brunei too! it wus like SHAAAAAA….-stoped- O.O

    same like Melaka here @@
    crazy 1

  6. i love the last part……soooo overdosingly cute!!! XD

    btw, kung miao fatt choy to you!!!

    hahahaha thanks Eze 😀
    Gong Xi Fatt Meow Choy to you ^^

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