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  1. king size = 3 person… = miao,wafu&pafu ? hehehehe

    dont think soo much la… maybe they got see the shop got moving sale.. everything soooo cheep so they juz change yours…coz ur bed long time no change aleady hehehehe

    maybe they think i’m that fat already

  2. didn’t you ask papamiao WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

    coz i afraid he answered: ” I thought you will be this fat when you come back ” XD

  3. Hahahahaha, LMAO… Are you the only son in your family? If you are maybe PapaMiao is giving you hint XD Good luck in aswering all those “repeating+always the SAME” Qs from relatives~

    Well, I am XD

  4. king size bed is much much much comfortable…avoid u jatuh from katil n bla bla bla…~~!!u can golek2 here and there..hehe ^____^

    but the pillow not my pillow T3T can’t sleep well

  5. actually the bed is mine XD pei gave me but ba put in ur room when my room is locked and i m out for work T-T

    ouuuu now i baru know XD

  6. ahaha XD
    ya.. ur father can’t wait no more.. XD
    faster find someone n get married..
    so next year u give us all ang pao.. XD

    LOL.. can’t find any and no money to marry XD

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