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  1. hahahahaaha everyone is the same…no worries… weight can be reduced later XD

    mine is only increased 1kg…….need to dispose 6kg ^^

    Hahaha true and my weight usually goes down very fast XD

  2. Yup, weighing machines always get broken during festival period… (maybe because all the fat people step on them 😛 )

    T3T i’m innocent~~~

  3. got new weighing machine just last week. same results……


    *throws away new weighing machine too*

    hahahahaha nice wan XD

  4. omg.. wad did u eat in kch? must be the cny cakes, bak gua, keropok with acar & soft drinks?!

    A lot XD just put anything edible in my mouth hahaha

  5. increase so much??? nvm lah, after 15 days of cny feasting, then got one whole year for u to lose weight.. xD

    hahaha and after a year fat again coz of CNY XD

  6. haha.. same to me.. i cant believe that i gain weight also by only eating vegetarian on the 1st day of cny… now i don have the appetite to eat more coz eat too much already during cny and hope that can reduce back my weight

    Well, if you take the artificial meat then possible due to the grain

  7. ahaha! thats bad der.. be like me la… raya or tak raya my weight always increase.. wee~ seronok lorh! ahaha!!

    hahha but if the new year food is sooo nice.
    eat sure increase

  8. only 4 kg..not so fat.
    life is to be live to the fullest…right? hahaha~ XD

    Hahaha 4kg a lot for me adi XD
    then again, that’s true hahaha live to the fullest (stomach full in this case)

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