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Miao and the Parking Slot Hunt

Anyone experienced this?

Paw….down… if you do




Wafu: Buat malu saja (This is embarassing.)

Miao: Don’t leave me here!!


Small announcement:

Guys, do check out this Calendar from Furry Friends Farm. It comes with many awesome photos of cats and dogs taken by a Malaysia well known photographer,  Steven Goh.  The earnings from the calendars will be given to the our furry friends cats and dogs at Furry Friends Farm.

As for the collaborative calendar, thanks to those who booked. The calendars will arrived my place tomorrow, I will send them out on Friday. Do check your emails, if you yet confirm me your address. By the way, the C.O.D will be in Melaka. 🙂



Start the New Year with a Collaboration

Good Morning All!!!!

Woohooo!!! It’s a Brand New Year!!!  Miao&WafuPafu wishes all the BEST and nothing but the BEST for your 2012!!!

May all your dreams and resolutions come true this year, the last year!! (like what the MAYANS said)


Chase all your Dreams!!!

Fulfill all your Resolutions!!!



It’s my dream to group all the comic bloggers together to make something big and different. And last year, I managed to create the Comic Doodle Blogger Group and gathered some comic bloggers together for a Malaysia Day Collab. It had been growing pretty well 😀

And since 2012  is here, we made something for this New Year.

First, check out the teaser below made by Kyo from Koudamainframe

Since it’s 2012, we thought of making a Doom’s Day theme.

and here’s my story.. 😀

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