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Checkered Shirts Everywhere

P/S: The answers for Find-the-Ninja-Cats is out. Do check out my previous post. HERE 😀

I went shopping the other day looking for a blue shirt but ended empty handed. I couldn’t find something that is not checkered Seriously, checkered style shirt is every where. I admit I kinda like checkered shirt at first but now no longer. Everyone is wearing them. :/ Too mainstream already.  XD

WafuPafu did found one that is not checkered but…

I just refused to wear it.

In the end, I went to the party with a blue sweater.

Sometimes, I do feel like design my own shirt and wear hahaha XD

What to do when every shop sells the similar style of clothes. :/


On the side note, someone shared this to me.. it seems like to be a trailer for something.. 

so sharing here..


Miao is a Ninja!!

I’m exposed!!! Shit. I failed as a Ninja. T3T

Here’s some other ninja cats in action! Try and spot them out 😛

Hehehe.. it’s another round of Find-the-cat game ^^



and here’s the greatest ninja ever!! 😀


Answers!!! 😀

hehehe.. 😀 Ninja Cats FTW


Miao Was Framed in the Cinema

You’re the one Emo!! Uncle!!


I always go to the cinema during the night or late night and there were couple of times I got kinda sleepy and started to yawn. I will get tears in my eyes whenever I yawned making me looked like as if I cried. =..=

Sometimes it happened in the wrong type of movie or moment of the movie. :/ And the worst of it is having someone beside you misunderstood it and announced it out.  :/

I’m innocent…I did not cried… T___T

Okay, I agree sometimes some movies can be so touching that “Ninjas will go and cut onions near your eyes”. So, most of the time I will avoid watching any touching movies in the cinema.  😛 I found it very awkward to shed tears in front of others. Maybe it’s a male cat guy thing?

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