Round one.. Fight!!

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WTM!! KO in less than a minute. =.=

Went to my sister’s house the other day and my not-so-little nephew asked me to play a video game with him.Β At first, I pretended that I don’t know how to play and planned to give him a good beating in the game but turned out he was very good and I didn’t manage to win a single game. =.=||

Kids… they grow up and taking over us so fast.Β Luckily I did not boast around before the game else I don’t know how to put my face after all these losses.

Ayou: Uncle, you’re so lousy. hahaha

Miao: Shuddup. =.=


Comments 23

  1. Yeah, you are giving in to little children mah!! :looks away: I always thought naruto is button mashing game

    hahaha not entirely smashing πŸ˜€

  2. Should’ve reminded him games aren’t only the important thing. πŸ™‚

    hahaha i didn’t tell him that but i did teach him to play cashflow 101 XD
    what is asset, liabilities etc LOL

  3. “u are too old to fight, old man! hahaha”
    tpical quote heard in kung fu movies

    hahaha but usually the old man beat the young man up after that

  4. u dunno meh, now kids play Iphone + Ipad when oni 3 years old.. I don’t even have an iphone or Ipad.. >”<

    Yealo Time have changed..
    I bet they don’t know what is kite, hide and seek etc

  5. aaaa…i still can remember i did KO my uncle when i very little time XD

    you’re like my nephew when you’re little XD
    on which console?

  6. your nephew is a sheep?????

    how come you keep losing to a small kid!!! ==”

    its time to sharpen your knife XD

    He kept on spamming the ulti (power always charged)
    T3T I can’t even get my character standing

  7. LOOOOOOOL I can tell that chu r playing Naruto XD well i suck at tat game too πŸ˜›

    hahaha the fire jutsu XD
    I was KOed by that

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