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This happened during my Chinese New Year visiting where we asked for Wifi password at every single house we visited. XD Luckily, all of the house we visited have a Wifi installed.

Actually, my bunch just wanna stay connected and we actually chat around in person with others instead of looking at our own phones.

Then again, I wondered what will happened if one of the house we visited has no Wifi…


I will definitely throw mandarin oranges at them. XD


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  1. ask them to bring own router/modem next year…you just need to prepare slot and cable for them

    hahaha and streamyx account XD

  2. Yes… true true it happen to me n my frens… whenever reach a home.. me n my fren ask for password first! Hahahhahahaha….

    Must connected!

  3. I don’t have wifi at home. If the last pannel happen to me, I will say “yeah, bye bye. No ang pao for you.”

    doesn’t work here because there’s no ang pao to begin with XD

  4. ah yes!!! this is what happened too at my house! therefore, i turn off my modem and told them no wifi XD

    wahhh sharing is caring lerr 😛

  5. the invention of smart phone leads to this situation…

    Yep..People social more on the digital world..
    sooner or later we all gonna live in digital world like Matrix

  6. Charge them for using your wifi.. there’s nothing free in this world execpt the word “FREE”

    Great idea!!!
    Rm2 per hour like cyber cafe XD

  7. tttrruueee 🙁
    although my hometown doesnt have WiFi installed, my cousins are still either on their smart phones or on their laptops this CNY.. so upset. =/

    people nowadays ^^” swt

  8. true~but family day or big event in family…is a BIG NO NO else will kena cukup cukup from my mum and the elders…all phones have to put aside unless emergency or calling family members only…

    Use a big basket to collect them all XD

  9. hahaha ya… better then my dad’s friends… come here and ask got internet or not? then borrow my computer =.= i rather give the wifi password then to let them touch my computer >.< i end up stick up a notice on the door "no enter… wifi ID : ***** pass = ****** " lol

    hahaha next time put it on the table in the living room 😛

  10. o.o.. i have wifi at my house… but if my friend ask for password when come visit for CNY..
    ==# i will “ACRHHH!!!” * kick them out of my house*

    hahahahaha XD

  11. hahaha nope… dont want them to touch my computer =P they have their own smart phones and tabs what… huhuhu

    ask them apply their own data 😛

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