I’m Sorry, Baby

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I’m sorry I can’t hug you..

The other day, I was playing with my new baby nephew. This baby nephew love people to hug and carry him around. He will put up his two hands, look at you, and make this funny little baby sound to request for a hug.

Unfortunately, i have this fear of dropping a baby. They looked so fragile. Honestly, i have never hand carry or hug any of my nephews and nieces before. -..-

I feel like a failed uncle. lol XD

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  1. Aw… practice with a pillow? or carry on the bed ^^ I love carrying babies and showing them fruits flowers vege animals <333

    Pillow very light and i can squeeze how i want XD

  2. I know exactly how that feels! I have the exact same fear, of dropping them, injuring them etc…

    I always declined when people asked me to carry their babies >_<

    Same here i will like go ” nvm..i will look from far” LOL

  3. when i just about a child, i hugged my baby cousin…and i dropped = =, his mum scold me kau kau, feel so sad that time, so i not dare to hug any baby now

    OMG!!!! now i lagi no dare to carry

  4. I also have this fear of dropping a baby… :s

    But maybe for my own it’ll be better…’cos I can “practise” on a soft surface (aka a bed 😛 ) first?? LOL For other people’s babies, you can’t choose the place…

    practice XD hahaha i hv this imagination on the scenario XD

  5. Haha, yeah, having same paranoid here. Never carry one. Not that scare the baby might fall, also scare carrying posture not rite, might hurt the baby… btw, miao only 150cm? (not counting ear)

    Miao very short only.. :3
    Yealo.. the neck part very fragile

  6. try to carry a teddy 1st~? 😀
    mayb it will help
    n + even if the teddy fall it felt no paint right?? XD
    is better then letting the baby fall.. 😀
    but still… *pat the teddy*.. poor teddy.. :3

    Maybe a cat.. it lands on its feet, so won’t hurt it also xD

  7. I am also like this, I have many new cousin now in my family, they all looks so cute and I feel like squeezing them yet I felt so afraid of hurting them T^T
    but at least this fears are not to cats xD

    I feel you Miao, the sadness of not being able to hug small cute babies…

    I hv a stronger fear when they know how to scream, shout and run. :/

  8. I feel the same way too! Usually I wait until the baby is strong enough (stronger neck or can crawl already) then I have the guts to carry.

    I think i might go try XD
    then it will be the most special baby ever, the first to be carry by me XD

  9. same like my cousin.What worst is tht he is a doctor.Hahaha.How can a doc afraid of little babies.Anyway….just practice by placing him on your arms when seated.You mai no need scare of dropping him lor ! Get the feeling of cuddling a baby first !

    ps: yoh..the baby bunny so cute lar ! post a real pict of him..!

    hahaha what doctor? maybe different field 😛
    no pictar wor.. hehehe

  10. got minor heart attack when the image of baby dropped came =__=” phew good thing it didnt happen! thank god!

    hahaha really thank god nothing happened

  11. Carry them on a bed?

    Even if you accidently dropped the baby also he/she will be unharmed. Unless the bed is so bouncy that…………..


    OMG!!! i having this image of the baby bounces off the bed :/

  12. I’m exactly like you! I’ve never carried a baby before because I’m afraid I will drop him/her.

    Eventually, we all need to carry T3T

  13. OMG that picture when Miao drops the baby is crazy!!! Ahahaha. But I have the same fear to in holding babies.. I’d better wait till they are 1 y.o. 😛

    1 y.o, no need carry lur 😛

  14. Yes ! My nephew recently turned 2 years old and I only finally dared to carry him. There were brief carrying him in the past but only because to protect him or something. The longest was only when sitting .. I love him so much but really afraid to harm him. Unfortunately, sometimes indirectly I injured him by him playing with my swimming board or I tried to stop him running and he bang my hand and trip.. 🙁

    I think they will hv more this little accidents. I used to bumped, fall and banged into things when I was small running around.

  15. LOL this is very GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). Sudden flash of thoughts of something bad happen, go on newspaper, jail….

    But carrying a baby is a hard thing to do… just in case they pee….

    hahaha really ar?
    It’s been very long time since I last read GTO
    OMG pee and poo @@

  16. If the fear is that you might accidentally drop the baby, you could try holding her/him while sitting on a soft surface (bed or sofa) hee.

    Soft.. hmmm on top of water 😛

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