Miao Confessed on Valentine’s Day

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Yesterday was Valentine’s day. They said it was a bad day for a confession but I manage to ask her out for a dinner. So I guess the chances was higher..and this how it went…

It’s true, I have her on mind every single time especially during the morning when I’m preparing to go to work.  😛

oh, I love you too, my pillow… and my comforter.


oh gosh….am I a player for loving three instead of just one? O_o

p/s: post idea came from @simonseow’s tweet 😛

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  1. you got too many wives ————–> car, laptop, blog, pillow and now bed… ==”

    Hahahahaha I love a lot of things.. full of love LOL

  2. Damn… I went to check the comments first before reading the post and the first comment gave it away… Sigh…

    Aiyah, then kinda potong stim right

  3. Miao… in malaysia you are only allowed to have 1 wife… so better choose 1, bed, pillow, car or blog 😛

    I’m a cat XD human rules does not apply on me XD

  4. ahahah XD
    get boomed by u!!.. XD
    u didn’t confessed to ur pillow yet to ur bed… haiz.. ur pillow sure will get jealous :/ … poor pillow.. *hug pillow*.. XD

    ehh cannot hug my wives.. *hug back pillow*

  5. Lolz… alamak kena tipu means get cheated by the ending.. Tot it was happy ending.. summary was the pillow.. hahaha.. so funny

    It’s my bed 😛 but okay pillow too xD hahaha

  6. lol miao… dont u love your blanket too? it keep u warm at night. and yet u forgot about her?? hehehehe =P

    my comforter lor 😀 i hv no blankie

  7. wa…got cheated by this post……excited for nothing..waakaka

    hahaha i think if i really confess later , i bet everyone will think i cheat again XD

  8. chehhhh !!! tot u really confessed to a girl for real ! waste my time happy for u …hahahahaha…go do it for real someday ! to a human.

    ah~ i love my blanket.Sniff*

    hahaha don’t wantt.. i want cat

  9. …. That’s very sad. The previous story about the cute girl at the cafe, what happen to her??? Y U Didn’t ask her out.

    Y U also fall in love with your bed,pillow, blanket etc…

    Y U R GAY??? Is ernest your gay partner??

    Lol XD no ar.. doing very good since now sem break
    hahahah well, it’s an indirect way to say that it’s difficult to wake up in the morning..
    LOL funny how u assume and imagine things up XD creative sial..
    and you didn’t read the part where the post is from someone else tweet XD

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