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in the car scared the boy next door. ^^”

I was on my way back from a wedding dinner just now. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I moved my body and hands to the ClubHitz on the radio station. Then, I noticed a little boy in the next car saw me. He was dumbfounded and just looking at me. LOL

Luckily, it’s not a pretty girl in that car and I’m not digging my nose else it would be sooo awkward and embarrassing. phew.. XD

Speaking of which, I heard some people tends to do unusual things in the car. For example, some of my friends who don’t sing tends to sing when they’re alone.  Do you guys do that too?


Sorry for the late update. I was in KL over the last three days meeting up some awesome people and had a gathering with other comic bloggers. 🙂

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  1. I’ll be surprise too if I saw dance on the road. Hoho
    When I’m alone, I tend to talk all by myself.
    Itu serupa orang gila…

    hahaha i feel u XD sometimes i will do that too especially when i was complaining about some topic on the radio XD

  2. never do this kind of thing…hahaXD, but i do heard a true happen from radio station, the girl plucked her armpit hair while traffic jam =x =”

    OMGGG O_o
    Must be on her way to an important meetup

  3. hahaha if me..i sing shamelessly including actions n stuff….got once my colleagues saw me and I got teased for several months! damn malu wei!! haha

    hahahaha XD kesiann
    my colleague just caught me shaving my mustache XD

  4. Awww yeah!! Miao moves like a jagger~ XD

    I remembered when my friends caught me looking a 18+ magazine which I was curious about while saw it on the table…

    I was being teased for 3 years!!! Arrghhhh!

    Ada lembu nak jaga XD
    O_o if buddies then they join and read together hahaha

  5. i do sing and dance in the car too when im alone..release my tension…do people care if they saw us dancing2??? ahaks!!

    It will be awkward sometimes hehehe

  6. kena once.. when i thought no one at home so i sang out loud.. bt the fact is one of my housemate is staying inside her room.. GOSH!!! so shock when she came out after my mini concert ended.. O_O!!!

    hahahhaha maybe she malu wanna go out also XD so waited..

  7. yup i do turn on the music sooo loud, sing out loud and do the dance move(the hands part) in the car when am driving alone… if not ill be sleepy for sure =.= oh and yea… last time there is a car full of men juz drive next to me and laugh at me doing so… =.= but i manage to ‘potong’ them and drive away like a baws hahahaa XD

    LOL like a boss!! XD

  8. Haha, when I’m driving alone I sing a bit too…but not very loud. (‘cos I don’t want to hear my lousy singing 😛 )

    hahaha seems like everyone like to do something out of norm when alone XD

  9. Yes, I do sing with my nasty voice when I’m driving alone… My car no radio, need to keep myself awake XP

    hhaha u’re the radio yourself XD
    maybe can broadcast the traffic/weather on your own XD

  10. It’s normal to do these to de-stress from our everyday lifes from work, studies. etcetcetc…

    Say, yur bro ernest & chingy is entering the naufamg stickman birthday contest.

    Sooooo …… Y UNO JOIN IN NOW?????? ?????

    Roarrrrr. throw killer WHALE at U…..

    Yep XD stress releasing time
    OMG flying killer Whale *run*

  11. sing all the time.. 😀
    n i will do some dances too.. when i was alone.. (not in the car) if my roomate saw it… i will just….
    *put my hand up high* \(-_-)/
    n * yawn* \(-o-)/
    n follow up with…
    “IM so sleepy.. -_-.. i think i need a nap~” (/_-)

    XD is so so embarrassing when ppl saw u doing some crazy n unknow dance!!!! XD

    *well… it happen to me all the time XD *

    LOL!! hahahaha what a cover up move XD

  12. When I’m driving for long hours (KL – Kedah), I dance to the Kpop songs in the car so that I’ll not feel sleepy and also preventing muscle pain. Kah Kah Kah Kah~

    hahahah same here when i go drive to KL alone

  13. hulh i sing and dance even if im not alone and i got scolded by my passengers to concentrate on driving >.<"

    hahahaha they sure kan chiong XD

  14. mmm… I sing at the top of my lungs wen i’m in the car and if d traffic light is red I will dance aso… hahahaha… have gotten quite a few stares here and there… 😛

    hahaha lesson learnt: must tint our car XD

  15. so far i just sing out loud in the car. cause i’m too shy to sing in front of people.. happen to be complaining to myself oso if find other driver didn’t drive properly.

    hahaha i do that too, talking to myself XD
    i think some drivers might think I’m crazy

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