Miao Was Framed in the Cinema

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You’re the one Emo!! Uncle!!


I always go to the cinema during the night or late night and there were couple of times I got kinda sleepy and started to yawn. I will get tears in my eyes whenever I yawned making me looked like as if I cried. =..=

Sometimes it happened in the wrong type of movie or moment of the movie. :/ And the worst of it is having someone beside you misunderstood it and announced it out.  :/

I’m innocent…I did not cried… T___T

Okay, I agree sometimes some movies can be so touching that “Ninjas will go and cut onions near your eyes”. So, most of the time I will avoid watching any touching movies in the cinema.  😛 I found it very awkward to shed tears in front of others. Maybe it’s a male cat guy thing?

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  1. Ha ha ha…

    But why did you blame the uncle? It was the kid’s fault… or maybe the kid was too cute and you couldn’t be angry with him/her? 😛

    Oh wait!! it’s the kid’s fault!!
    Should make it cry instead XD

  2. *yawn*

    I have tears when yawn, but little bit only XD

    Being in office really make me cry all the time

    LOL XD so you cried every weekdays eh ? hahaaha

  3. what movie u watched??sad movie ke?
    i also tears when yawning,n friends start asking me ‘why r u crying,anything happen to you?’…they pity me..

    nope not a sad movie. :/ just sleepy
    hahaha so many tears O_o

  4. It’s a normal human reaction as it was done at Discovery Channel few Years back. 🙂

    It mentioned about why humans get tears in their eyes when they yawn. It’s because to lubicate the eyes to prevent from dryness.

    Hm…. I did’nt know that Cats can have tears when they yawn… Hahaha.

    Again, throw killer whale at U, Miao emperor… Kekeke

    Yep! but the kid dunno. must gv my kids watch DC in future XD
    They sure do hahah
    omg!! another free willy!

  5. it’s normal right to tears when yawn?? maybe that uncle is emo.. just to cover up in front of his kid.

    if it happen again, ask the ninja to cut onions in front of that kid. see what happen. ;p

    hahahahahaha ask ninja cats XD

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