Miao is a Ninja!!

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I’m exposed!!! Shit. I failed as a Ninja. T3T

Here’s some other ninja cats in action! Try and spot them out 😛

Hehehe.. it’s another round of Find-the-cat game ^^



and here’s the greatest ninja ever!! 😀


Answers!!! 😀

hehehe.. 😀 Ninja Cats FTW

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  1. i cant find cats in those 3 pics..its so damn hard T________T..how bout u miao?

    found them 😀
    i will post up the answers soon ^^

  2. lol I cant find the second image awww i like the fourth cat XDDD

    Hint 😀 it’s lying down and looking at you

  3. do the cats really have to be in the pictures? its so hard to find them. T_T

    hahah they’re in there.. XD one in each picture

  4. Yo, It’s looks like a plot from Sherlock Holmes: The game of Shadows where Sherlock had the same camouflage disguise when appear twice. It was a genius in disguise. :^)

    But… I really U need to lose weight…Kekeke. Fatty Miao… Hahaha

    Throw a tub of stawberry ice-cream (10tonnes) at U….

    It’ll make U bigger & fatter….. Wahahhaha

    I like ice cream!!!!! but I don’t want strawberry! I want vanilla 😛

  5. found it all XD hehehe i’s one yellow+white cat, 2nd is gray, and the 3rd is a black+white cat XD last one sooooo ‘Geng’

    hahahaha you’re good XD

  6. 1st pic – super hard to find, took me the longest time to find it

    2nd pic – the easiest one

    3rd pic – hard to find if din enlarge the pic

    Indeed 😀
    last one need to enlarge to find

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