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I went shopping the other day looking for a blue shirt but ended empty handed. I couldn’t find something that is not checkered Seriously, checkered style shirt is every where. I admit I kinda like checkered shirt at first but now no longer. Everyone is wearing them. :/ Too mainstream already.  XD

WafuPafu did found one that is not checkered but…

I just refused to wear it.

In the end, I went to the party with a blue sweater.

Sometimes, I do feel like design my own shirt and wear hahaha XD

What to do when every shop sells the similar style of clothes. :/


On the side note, someone shared this to me.. it seems like to be a trailer for something.. 

so sharing here..

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  1. Wafupafu design one quickly. Will definitely get a specially designed shirt from you.

    I actually have one pre-official design.
    and now wearing it XD lol

  2. Haha, a friend of mine loves boys who wear those shirts, i don’t like them either, i don’t like shirts at all haha, i rather t-shirts, and even so, it’s hard to find a decent t-shirt that doesn’t have a surfer or street art design on it… sometimes even a flat color would be fine i think xD

    Design your own 1 😀
    Let the squirrel out!! XD

  3. wow, sounds good to wear ur own design XD, nobody going to “clash”, and u will be the unique XXXD

    Yealo XD If ppl ask, can say design myself XD hahaha

  4. I really like to wear checkered shirts !!
    It’s not because everyone wear it but I really like it.
    (I don’t know it is so mainstream now cos I’m living in a small town Ipoh haha)

    Very mainstream.. it’s like everywhere already :/

  5. yes~i saw a video of you with other bloggers..u wore checkered shirt also..hehe..~nowadays everybody goes with checkered outfit and everybody looks same~~gotta change the taste of bout floral design?hahaha..~sweet~~~~~~

    I bought it before it got mainstream XD
    now i think i go to T-shirt XD

  6. I wish we could find all kinds of fashions being sold at any time…if they only sell the current “hot” fashion, we are all forced to buy it. 🙁

    You could design your own Miao and WafuPafu t-shirts! Make them in all colours, then you will always have one for any theme 😉 But I’m not sure whether it would be weird to see your face on someone’s shirt >:D

    hahaha that’s why it’s good to have an animal character XD it’s not that awkward

  7. lol seriously? in brunei checkered shirt ish not famous.. but angry bird shirt is famous XDDDD

    hahaha angry bird is everywhere! XD

  8. Seriously, I want Miao’s T-shirt, with wafu pafu one!! U still owe me wafu pafu!!

    Glad to see you again last week. *drag* please don’t go borneo la.

    Hahaha one day I sure will release 🙂
    I must go 🙁 Do come visit me!

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  10. In the end, I think everyone wants to be able to design their own clothes and have EXACTLY their style instead of conforming to what every other society wears. I know I do. It’d be cool if you did do a line and call it, “Miao~ Lookin’ kitty-licious!” XD

    hahahaha nice slogan I like 😀
    uh hum uh hum ~ Everyone will be unique ^^

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