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WTM?!!! O_o

Public ahem and butt scratching and undies pulling and adjusting. *faint* @@

I think the guy was too busy listening to his Ipod that he kinda forgot the fact he’s in the middle of the train fully occupied with passengers. Because just right after the underwear adjustment, he somehow notice there’s people around him and stopped scratching after that. ^^” But it’s obvious his ahem part still itchy as he kept..

move his lower part to the right and left. 😐

The question for today is what you gonna do if you happen to have this itch at this ahem part in public?? 😛

oh beside that, have you ever encounteredor saw any awkward/ embarrassing moment? Do share 🙂


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  1. try to scratch with something else other than using hand. Or try to scratch somewhere near that is not so obscene 😀

    LOL not using hand.. the pole in the middle of the train then XD hahaha

  2. I will put my hands into my pocket and reached out to it from there, ^___^

    koff koff we all did that before XD
    and the guy did that too and it’s obvious!

  3. woooaahh! ada meyh ? ehehe,if its happen to me : WHERE iS THE LADIES ROOM?’ but gladly, its never happen to me YET!

    p/s: shud be thankful he doesn’t fart in front of ur face tho.. 1st i thought he’s gonna fart instead of scratching..

    hahaha lucky he didn’t else i won’t be able to blog this XD

  4. HAHA …omg poor that guy!!! i think sometimes can see ppl lie on tiang on the lrt and move the butt up and down, i think another method of scratching.. hahaha

    hahaha ya ya XD
    those do pole dancing sure very itchy since they move their whole body up and down

  5. Guess what… I saw a guy like that before in the lrt… keep scratching his front part.. o_O!

    I then use my book (I was reading) and block my view of him. No eyes see… Hahaha…

    Goshh.. it must be super embarrassing and awkward O_O

  6. =.= reminds me of my high school teacher(we all dont like him… like nyanyuk2 de..) during a simple test… he go to the back of the class… acting like he is reading the article posted on the wall… then scratch >.< and that time most of us in the class was looking XD hahahaha we dont dare to look back after that…. hahahaha

    LOL!! caught red handed XD

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