Miao has Become Handsome!!

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Not.. =.=

The other day, I took bus down to KL and had a nap on the bus. When I reached the terminal, a couple ofΒ passerby looked at me and smiled. I didn’t notice my hair was messy and thought everybody is being very friendly that day. XD

Luckily, I drank a lot of water and had to go to the toilet that day else I would not have noticed and ended up walking around the whole KL in a mess =.=Β or really thought I got handsome and went…

then again, I’m too shy to do that also XD hahaha and with the messy hair, i doubt i can get anything beside a stare LOL

Thank God, I’m not in front of my crush (not that i have one) or someone important.. Β I think I will dig a hole and jump into it. XD

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  1. HAHAHA! If you went to Nuffnang office, the girls there won’t only smile at you. They’ll scream and squeal like you’re a superstar. xD

    No lor.. Where got wor
    I sit there like a new colleague no one knows XD

  2. LOL. I really though Meow has become handsome! Come back Kuching and surely all the cats will go after you!

    No lo still same old face LOL
    havent surgery yet

  3. haha usually when i reach terminal (bus or airport), i must go to toilet to tidy my look up before going outside

    too late ler..next time i must look into my phone before i get out of my bus

  4. Oh no…you should have kept the messy hair so that you could spread more happiness! πŸ˜›

    hahahaha T3T sounds like a clown, building others happiness on my sadness XD

  5. lol I also got into this situation too xD when i got off my dad’s car everyone just stare at me πŸ˜›

    hahaha but u feel like a superstar lo with all the attention XD

  6. i think almost everyone experience messy hair after woke up from bus sit…and it is something i hate most…so usually i tied up my hair in bun shape whenever i reach terminal…easy no need comb or tidy it up…wait until i reach hotel or mall washroom only settle it…some more got free big mirror =D

    I wish i could tie my hair… XD

  7. If sex between 3 people is called a Threesome
    and sex between 2 people is called twosome…
    I know why people calling you handsome XDD

    LOL saw this before on 9gag

  8. “…my crush (not that i have one) or someone important…” haha just setting things clear, once when i was walking in the street a pretty girl smiled at me, it never happened before neither after xD but it made me smile the whole day haha, feels nice when that happens right? πŸ˜€ (by the way the upper comment was kinda rude…)

    awwwww that sure feel nice!!! i had those before too..
    uh hum uh hum, was feeling sweet whole day
    next time go and ask for number!!!! πŸ˜›

    oh i think she took it from 9gag

  9. well.. i never experience this b4 cos~ *swing my hair* i tie my hair up all the time.. XD ahahaha <3

    don't lie say u didn't have crush!! surely got many female catz~ like u cute meow~ XD *hug*

    *swing my short hair too* LOL
    no lie, i have no. πŸ™
    hahaha the cartoon miao XD

  10. Bro, next time if you want to get some/full attention from someone,you might use this ‘messy hair technique’ again..lol

    Yealo, EO from morningmobi said he knows his gf this way XD

  11. hahaha.. sometimes i also like that coz i travelled a lot by train and bus.. woke up in a messy hair πŸ˜€

    need to bring a cap or hat next time XD
    just put on and settle. πŸ˜€

  12. Oh, I’m sure you’re still very cute with or without the messy hair~ but the again, ho would I know… Never get to see you wan~~ πŸ™ huhu~

    Come visit Kuching πŸ˜› Sure can

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