Stomach, Y U Confuse Me?

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I don’t know why but I always have this problem to differentiate a stomach ache from hungry and a stomach ache that need to go to the toilet. @@ And most of time I will get it wrong!!  I guessed I was hungry and choose to eat every single time  LOL.

My stomach confused me. =.=

Seriously, how to differentiate it? T3T

They ached the same…






Oh remember the video I shared last week?


and this?

Well, the final video is out!!!

After watching the video, it kinda reminds me of myself long long time ago when some misunderstandings happened and both side hesitated to call the other person. 😛

On the side note, the actress is kinda cute lar <3 Hehehe..

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Comments 13

  1. Haha. I get that too everytime after eating Laksa. But sometimes can tahan. =P I think hungry can wait but if toilet one that goes pili pala cannot wait lo.

    i dun even know im hungry or what XD

  2. How to differentiate eh? I will go weak if I’m super hungry and the stomach ache is when I need the toilet.
    So…don’t know if this help. Hehe.
    Oh, I just watch the ad last night. Good thing the girl pick up the phone…

    hmm sometimes will sometimes won’t :/

  3. LOL same here….. totally same situation T3T~ sometimes the stomach makes noise and its not hungry, not pain…. and I don’t know what or why it was making sound -___-!

    hahaha we’re the same, we dunno our own tummy

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