Win an Ipad and RM10k with Durex Naked Box Contest

Jian Akiraceo Advertorial 18 Comments

You did not read wrong. I just joined a Durex Design contest. (#^ ^#)

It’s actually a packaging design contest, not a condom design contest. XD It’s the latest DUREX NAKED BOX DESIGN CONTEST organized by Durex where you will need to design a condom box. Click here for more details.

Here’s my design. XD

Design code: 6124

Hahaha cute right? (thick face mode) When I saw the contest, this idea comes in mind and since the designs are meant to target the 20s, I think it fits pretty well. Not want to waste the idea, I just join the contest. XD

Do come vote for me XD  HERE. Click the Naked Contest Box on the left and  search for “6124”, then click vote. 😛

There will be 12 Apple Ipads to be won; 6 for weekly top designs and another 6 for final top designs. The Best Design from these 12 designs will win a cash of 2000pounds (RM10,000+ ) and got his/her design printed and distributed worldwide. 😀

I just want an Ipad. (dreaming on the 2000pounds) LOL.

Oh, every week 100 random voters will get to win Durex Merchandize like T-shirts, Iphone covers etc. More reason for you to vote. XD hahaha

If you’re interested in design or Ipad, you can join too but do read T&C first on the theme and the tips. 😀

Now cross my cat fingers for an Ipad. I wanna play “Draw Something” on Ipad!! XD
Oh Thankkk youuu.. for reading, commenting and voting. 😛

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  1. haha, i just voted, i went into stealth mode, because someone at my office could see haha, right now i’m just wondering 2 things, why do you want an iPad so bad? i mean… i can’t find it very useful haha, and … how did you find out about that contest in the first place?… you knew the whole “durex” thing would bring this kind of comments! lol

    hahahaha i don’t fancy Ipad but it would nice to give it to my nephews and nieces 😀
    actually durex asked me to write this and join XD

  2. you know what, the “person” with the helmet should be a LADY lah..
    sperm cannot “hit” HER mah 😛

    hmm true also hahahaha XD
    oh wait the person can be a girl 😛

  3. so cute!
    something wrong with the Durex page, cant open the page to vote..will do so soon. =)

    yealo.. now i can’t find my design :/

  4. LOL Draw Something! Yay, when you get the iPad, let’s play Draw Something. xD

    hahaha i hv it on my GS2 now but i spent too much time on it.
    so decided to quit 😛

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