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I never had a mosquito in my car before but just yesterday this mosquito somehow got into my car. Instead of sitting still or flying in the  empty seats behind, it decided to fly in front of my eyes. It was annoying to the max.  Hardly can concentrate on the road.

I tried waved it away with my paw but it’s still there.. In the end, I wind down the window for it..

but it decided to stay! T3T

Stop bothering meee larr..

Maybe I should threaten him like how i did last time with the cockcroach. XD


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  1. maybe it needs ur blood donation, so choose to stay on XXXXD

    Hahaha blood donation is on willingness but I’m not willing to donate hahaha

  2. i had similar experience…when my mother driving, she suddenly panics and calls me to help killing it off….. i killed it by clapping it with my hands XD…. easier if people sit beside you…

    no people XD can’t do anything

  3. i hate it when that happens!! everytime they will also fly in front of me when i’m driving…grrr

    Out of so many places, right?
    scumbag mosquitoes XD hahaha

  4. if the cockroach “you jump i jump” then the mosquitoes “you fly i fly” xP

    hahahahaa fly out of the car window (car crash) LOL

  5. Last time I got a skinny lizard nearly came inside my car. I was totally freak out to the max! I keep on speeding 130km/j for 15 minutes like crazy, turning left and right and lower down my window. However, the skinny lizard still bravely stay cool and stick on my side mirror like the ‘Last Man Standing on Earth’ (I was screaming in my car hushing the stupid lizard to jump). But It didn’t even though I stopped 5 times when the traffic light turned red. Gah! Got goose bump all the way to home >_<

    OMG that’s dangerous O_O
    LOL on the last man standing XD

  6. *piak* *didn’t die* *piak* *didn’t die again* *rolls down power window, prays hard and finally left!* *happy*

    this is my situation.. every single time.. x_x

    dangerous ler..
    I scare later I *Piak* missed *Piak* Shit! car! *Crashh*

  7. i totally get u mate! soooo annoying! especially when the weather is really hot! lost all the patience haha

    HAhahahaha yep!!exactly!

  8. If follow the cockroach skill “you jump I jump”

    Then mosquito should be “you fly I fly”

    Yep XD
    but mine is fly into the drain XD

  9. LOL this happens all the time *stress* *piak* mosquetto[sorry if i fail at spellig]: WHEEEE! Im alive~ ME: == *piak* mosquetto[again i failed]: X_X ME: WHEEEE! Its gone XD

    hahahha XD
    you mean it flew away?

  10. Me: o.o… *sitting bside the driver sit*

    friend: ahhh!!… *swing her hand around half driving* is.. so kacau!!

    Me: O.O *look at her*.. what??.. what u doing?

    friend: the mosquito!! it was annoying !!

    Me: o.. let me help u.. *piak*…. *piak*.. *piak*… *piak* *piak* *piak*.. *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak* *piak*

    friend: hey… look outside….

    Me: what!!.. *look outside*

    (there was an uncle who driving motor pass by our car… n he keep laughing at me cos im try to kill the mosquito like orang gila)… -_-…. memalukan~ >///<

    hahahahah XD
    Really very malu lorr

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