I Just Can’t Stand it!

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I have this habit to finish all the snacks I see or get my hands on.  So every time I buy something for tea break or dinner, I will ended up eating them in an hour time. LOL

So the other day, I bought this box of chicken wings for dinner and was struggling and resisting myself from eating them. XD

Sometimes my colleagues will see me munching on breads, chicken wings etc and went: –

Colleague: Eh? Y U No have lunch?

Me: I did.

Colleague: Bread? (or anything that I was munching that time)

Me: Oh no, I had rice/noodle for my lunch earlier.

Colleague: Then what are you eating?

Me: This is my tea break snack.

Colleague: It’s only 2pm

Me: I know.

Colleague: …

What to do 😛 I just can’t stand it. I need to munch if there’s things for me to munch especially it’s my favorite food. It’s in the gene. My whole family had this problem.

Our refrigerator is always empty.

P/S: In case you’re wondering, the chicken wings are from Johnny’s Restaurant. 🙂 If you like honey bbq chicken wings. You can try theirs. 🙂 

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  1. yes! im always eating in my office too! good thing my boss is nice enough to let me eat whenever im hungry! =D

    same here XD
    Sometimes he even asked me whether have anything for him to eat or not hahah

  2. hahahaha you know what, im “known” for being hungry all the time lol

    hahahaha if feels weird right when there’s nothing to chew in the mouth

  3. haha my refrigerator is always empty too >__< its just that, my siblings and me always have this, 'appreciation' towards food xD

    hahahah same here but my parents also the same XD

  4. Hahaha…I’m “saved” from this curse because I have a small stomach…after lunch I will be too full to eat any more, so I am forced to wait till tea time 😛

    Good for you.. many money saved XD

  5. Same here. I’ve to finish my food before I can start doing anything. That’s why I can’t read a book while eating. Haha.

    Hahaha same here.. XD
    Usually will try but gv up after second line XD

  6. i have the same problems. but lucky you that you didnt expand like i do -___-

    Only tummy will be more round.. ^^”

  7. LOL ! its also one of my bro’s habit xD if anything is infront of him he’ll munch it up not leaving any for me 🙁

    hahahha it’s a rule not to leave food for your sisters XD

  8. Me too….said i wanna slim down but keep eating after lunch time…@#$%^&* cannot control >>.<< thanks to that, i am having another extra tayar

    Lol XD
    Time to go Gym

  9. same here… but am worse i think.. i buy the food that i think i’ll have it for lunch… but then again when lunch time come i go buy some other food to eat hahaha XD then the one i bought earlier… well i’ll eat them on my way home(driving) or it’ll end up in my sister’s stomach =P

    LOL why you go buy another meal when you already have one? XD

  10. well.. i have this kind of problems too.. -_-
    but.. my was… i felt like eating it.. when i didn’t saw it…
    when i saw it or have it… i don’t felt like eating it anymore.. -___-
    it was like so waste… so i have to paksa myself to finish it.. -_-…
    well.. mostly my snacks… can b store for a week or months.. -_-“….

    hahahah very different XD
    I have a solution, close your eyes when you wanna eat..

  11. OMG Miao remember your tummmy.. but then again it’ll help when Pafu decides to go Hiccup & Toothless Miao on you huh? ahahaha 😉

    Oh noo.. my tummy will reach the ground first O_O

  12. Yeah…even though we bought some food to eat later, we still want to eat sooner even though we still full. Can’t resist.
    Miao love to eat eh?

    I loveee to eat XD
    I just went up to Penang just to eat hahahaha

  13. Haha, it’s in the gene… cookies, chips, buns, chocolate won’t stay long on desk / fridge, like the only safe place to keep snacks is inside the stomach… XD

  14. Lol.. Johnny’s chicken wings! My favorite! but after eating always make me feel thirsty~ hehe

    A lot of MSG.
    Shit suddenly feel like eating hahha

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