Miao&Mini ‘s Embarrassing Night

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 22 Comments


The wooden wall in the middle actually is a door..

And the worst part is…

The people inside actually witnessed everything (#O_O#) and giggled when we walked it.

Embarrassed ourselves when I just said not to. =..=

Then again, I don’t know why but I have this habit to look at my phone whenever I’m in an awkward position.

Comments 22

  1. Bro I experienced twice bro. Once in Sushi King, when we have to push, but I pull, so pulled damn hard and still can’t open wtf. Everyone is laughing at me.

    Second time (hopefully its the last) was in TGV IMAX SUnway Pyramid, the door is vacuumed one so need extra force to open, I couldn’t open as well hahaha

    hahahaha very malu lor..especially when the sushi king’s door is see through one

  2. A cat and a mouse going to a classy bar… what a friendly cat you are miao… or is she really just a friend? haha

    hahha don’t think too much. Just a friend XD

  3. Hahahaah when I frst went to no black tie , I did that too. I was just lucky that I was early and no one witnessed what I did but my friend Facepalm big time T-T

    Really looks like a wall, right??

  4. there was no ironmongery on door arr?? but i saw picture, i can tell that the wooden wall is a door….

    there’s totally nothing there..
    LOL tell me that when you go there. XD
    The photos already brighten up to show.

  5. hahahahaha… sorry pal xD
    there wasn’t a doorbell or something?
    you should be more observative next time 😛

    There were totally nothing. Flat :/
    Ya I suppose so.

  6. Lol, better than me. I was walking in a rush and someone called me. I picked up my cell phone and smacked bang into a glass door because the sensor cannot detect me… T-T fortunately there’s no one except a CCTV.

    Lol the people behind the CCTV must have laugh like no tomorrow

  7. ouch.. very.awkward.moment…
    i’ll look and pretend to be busy on the phone too if it was me…

    very lor.. sometimes covering it makes it more XD

  8. There is a doorbell/doorknob in that photo you took? xD

    Nope. There’s no doorbell/doorknob or even the thingy for the door to turn. T3T

  9. Hahahahah!! Meow meow super cute!!! He even have a smartphone, duh!! Should have get myself one asap!! =S

    Don’t if you have no need for it :/

  10. Hahaha I think everyone has encountered that! Btw, was it at Tate? 🙂

    Oh no, it’s at the NO Black Tie. 🙂

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