Miao is a Big-Head-Prawn

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 24 Comments

I don’t feel like walking back to my car. Can anyone carry me over? Don’t worry I’m not very heavy.

*Looking with watery big eyes* Pretty Please…..

I wonder why can I be soo blur sometimes. :S

P/S: Btw, Big-Head-Prawn refer to a person who is forgetful/blur in some Chinese dialect.


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Comments 24

  1. Lols happens to me too -_-” but i will search the bag carefully 1st or mayb call someone still in the office to pass to me on the way down lols…lazy CAT!

    Don’t care!! caring mee

  2. hahahahaahh me too….sometimes a tiny thing i make kecoh on my table till my colleague ask what i am looking for…. i found it in my shirt pocket


    btw why cars are so mini??? miao can fit in that car arrr????

    The car is far so it’s small 😛

  3. once my fren fetched me to get my car (which broke down outside) and on the way, i realised i forgot my car keys. so my fren had to turn back to my house and that was when i realised the keys were in my pockets ==”

    Lol kesian your friend hahaha

  4. my problem is i always forgot where i placed my car keys T^T

    Must equip something that we can call and make it rang 😀

  5. hahahaha! same thing happen to me just recently only but even worse.

    i was on my way home and then i realise my house keys not with me, did a u-turn to go back the office and then was rumaging my desk like crazy until my colleague pointed it out, it was in my pocket.

    u can feel better now.

    hahaha I really feel better now XD thanksss Prawn Head King 😛

  6. happens that i did not walk all the way back… i juz w8 for a while… for my friend to drive by and ask if i can tumpang to office hahaha XD

    hahahah but my colleagues are all leaving office direction

  7. hahahaha big head prawn cat! this and walking all the way and the sudden question on whether we locked our car esp when we have no remote control, the two most annoying case involving cars and walking lol

    Yaya!! then need to walk back to check @@

  8. Helo Jian, spot u in jackie loi latest post, wish u all the luck.

    tell u, i just lost my Bank Atm Card yesterday coz left in machine there after done deposit money. hahaha

    Another blurer=.=

    Oh welcome here 😀
    OMG! That’s serious O_O

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