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Miao’s aww-full experience with AirAsia

This incident happened few weeks ago when I was on my way back to Sarawak, Kuching.

and finished it.  😐

Seriously, I have no idea what happened. I remembered I did not ordered any food  when I booked the ticket.  I was really hungry that time but was hesitate to order anything in order to save my stomach for my Sarawak Laksa and Kolok Mee.

I couldn’t stand it anymore when this lady beside me opened her meal box and the strong aroma of the Redang Chicken burst out and filled my nose.

And just when I about to opened the menu and order, the air stewardess called my name and I was given a meal. O_O

I acted cool as if I ordered the food, took it, ate it and finished it as if nothing weird happened while I kept questioning myself  “What happened? Who’s meal is this? I didn’t order anything!! Do I need to pay this?? I gonna die fat!!”.  Hahaha Free meal don’t waste.

Then again, thanks AirAsia or whoever ordered the meal for me. Thank you 🙂 It saved my life XD hahaha

If you wondering what it means by “aww-full“, well the “full” part is being full after the meal and aww part is when the plane decided to have 2 spins above Kuching City before it land. One round above the City Centre and another above the Mount Santubong  and Damai Beach. The views were awesome. I was looking and admiring the beauty of the city in awe. :3

It was the best experience I ever had on a plane. 😀 The surprise 2 rounds above the City and surprise lunch. 🙂 Too bad I have no photo of the view and meal. Hopefully, I get to ride on a plane above the city again, and this time so gonna bring my camera.

Any of you have any flying experience to share?

Penang Trip

Miao at Red Light District??

and I have totally no idea. :/

Lucky my inn was a decent one but sometimes it would be best to ask your local friends before you decide where to stay. XD It might cause some misunderstanding among your friends.

Which reminds me of this incident at Marina in Singapore. Me and my friends was in the hotel lift and discussing where to go and there was this staff in the same lift with us.

  *Lift opens*

  *Hotel staff walks in*

  Friend A: Which floor?

  Hotel Staff: 40th, please.

  Friend A: Okay.

  *press 40 and 42* (We stayed at the 42th floor)

  Miao: Where are we going later?

  Friend A :  Geylang. (Famous for the Frog Porridge)

  Miao: Go there for what?

  Friend B: What else. (it was dinner time and was complaining about how hungry he is before we entered the lift)

But the staff who happened to ear dropping somehow misunderstood since “Geylang” is also the Red Light District. She was stoned and  actually missed her floor and went to the same floor with us.  XD hahaha..

She went back into the lift when my friend corrected her. XD  

Told you sometimes people might misunderstood. 

Oh, i book my stay through HostelWorld. It comes with reviews and ratings. 🙂 Pretty neat and sometimes book online through here is cheaper than the booking through the main hostel/inn site. 🙂


Wallpapers: Miao in Avengers!!

Avengers the movie is coming out this Thursday!! Woohoo!! Can’t wait for it. Anyone here going to watch it? I heard there’s another version of avengers called Miao-vengers. Don’t believe me? Check out this.

Tada!! Miao version of Avengers XD hahaha

I posted this on my Facebook page last night. Many of them asked for the wallpapers and so I made a couple resolution for it.. hehe

1024 x 768  1280×800  1366×768  1440×900   1920×1080

Hope you like it. 🙂

Oh do like my Facebook page if you haven’t, trying to reach 2k in this month hahaha.. thank you. 🙂

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