April Pranking!!

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Not gonna prank you all this year. Just wanna share this prank I did when I was small XD






Apparently ,not angry doesn’t means you can escape from punishment. I was punished to stand outside the class for the whole class. Sigh..my teacher was not sporting enough. Teacher, Y U NO sporting??

Do check out the pet rabbit Tofu prank I did on my readers if you have not. 😀

Happy April Fool Day! Have you got prank yet?

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  1. i pranked my friends on my facebook saying i am getting married…but a few of them congratulated me XD

    Those not so close to you wan eh?

  2. when getting older, the april fool spirit also faded.. Don’t feel lik prank ppl now… *owh i m getting older*

    Oh my Im young XD
    I feel like pranking but in a different degree hahaha

  3. april fool the most not to do is dun ever fool ur teacher, haha XD

    my fren oso pranked to me too, he said today is holiday, i tot i noneed to go working lol

    LOL but don’t think many will fall for that prank lor unless he came out with a fake newspaper saying that XD

  4. When i was in primary school, the whole classroom also have the idea to prank our teachers..What we did was to get the best actress in class to go in front and act sick..Dying-kinda-sick..we wont name her as the best actress if she did not lye on the floor and act all weird…so she did..n we as kya-lay-fei also play our role “act suprise n frighten”..Our class teacher got panic and was so worried…Her reaction = PRICELESS..haha..We then scream April Fool and thank God we are not punish like Miao..

    Fuuuu if my school, the class and the girl will get grounded. XD

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOL yea i got pranked by my friend just by calling me cheese oh wait…. tat’s called spaming ;P

    hahahaha XD but why cheese?

  6. …. I feel like I just got trolled… I dudn’t know Tofu the pet rabbit is a prank oTL

    Oh my~… hahaha happy april fool day 😛

  7. tie hair up when young? haha.. i dont play April Fool’s 😉

    Apparently I have longer hair when I was small than now. (not considering uni time XD)
    Fuuu coz april fool is too mainstream for u 😛

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