OneShot: That Moment..

Jian Akiraceo Random 9 Comments

I was cleaning up the items in my laptop and found some photos in some of my old folders. Looking back at the photos from 2 years ago, I found out I really grew fatter over the years :/ like A LOT.

Sometimes I wonder what happened? Not like I ate a lot……… i think. *koff koff*  *whistle*


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Comments 9

  1. *high-paws* same here…T3T food is getting irresistible, i cannot simply saying NO to food T3T

    but now i am trying to eat less and my tummy is cut down XD

    uh hum!
    somemore i hv no exercise for some time

  2. i should go dig out my old photos too! to see if i grew fat =/

    btw, i like the miao face on the ‘facebook page click’ pic! ~(‘0’)~

    hahaha don’t XD u will regret..
    hehe thanks 😀

  3. Hahaha…perut sudah buncit…

    I like Miao’s face on the “Facebook page click” pic too! 😀

    hahaha very cute eh?

  4. It’s Gym time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (don’t feel bad i say it for both of us xD)

    PS: i made a new post, yay! haha

    hahahaha i don’t like Gym!!
    i saw it!!! I was like O_O

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