Earthquake: First Experience

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Yesterday, there was an earthquake near Acheh, the northern part of Sumatra. It was a huge one, even KL and Kuantan can feel the shock. It was recorded at 8.9 magnitude, very similar with the one in 2004 which was higher at 9.1.  Not sure there’s tsunami or not because there’s no news about any tsunami, hopefully there’s none.

Anyway, this reminds me of the first time we experience an earthquake back in 2004..

^^” my housemate didn’t felt anything.  Luckily nothing bad happened.

Due to the location of our country, we’re basically not in the earthquake zone, so we’re not aware and experience what an earthquake feels like.

Some says they thought they having  a headache and dizzy when everything is shaking. Some don’t even feel the shock like my housemate here and some who feel the shock….

Well, they do this..

:: taken from Miao Facebook Page ::

Malaysians.. XD

Come confess who did this yesterday? 😛

Seriously, run !!

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  1. Lols…some ppl actually wanted to feel it! Not a novelty. Hope everyone is okay. We should really learn some basic what to do in case of earth quake/tsunami/zombie attack.

    hahaha i like the last one, zombie attack XD
    always prepare an axe

  2. NOW I KNOW WHY I DIDNT FEEL THE SHAKE / VIBRATION on 2004 & 2012! My FATS absorbed the shake! Gosh! Everybody felt the quake in 2004, and i didnt! I didnt feel anything yesterday also!

    Anti shock system!! 😛 *runs*

  3. Oh…you feel it? I bet my area can’t feel anything.
    Hope tsunami won’t come…

    actually i didn’t wor.. and lucky no tsunami

  4. I felt a faint presence of earthquake yesterday, because it was my first time, I thought I got drunk after drinking my morning coffee or something xD

    hahaha most of the people also thought so too XD
    what if everything we dizzy was because there are actually earthquakes! jeng jeng jeng

  5. I was anticipating the shaking… but none in my area yesterday. Hardly felt anything (I think my fat already absorb the shakiness). What time do you experience it?

    i didn’t experience this time. I did for last time 😀

  6. i didnt feel it! im in johor, some friends here said they felt it too =/ i dun wan world to end yet! T^T

    T3T but it still gonna ends

  7. o.o… i was sleeping n felt nth until my mom message me n told me about it… i was a perlis…
    well… after my mom told me.. i did felt the shake…
    but… i still sitting in my room *sit there like a boss*
    ask my roomate does she felt the shake.. ==”…

    LOL like a boss sitting on an ogawa chair XD

  8. i felt it too and this is my third time actually…i remember back in 2004 my mom tot she’s dizzy and she took panadol for it, soon after that only realize is earthquake while me tot i’m looking at the comp for long time eyes got tired then go to took some short nap…

    and yes…yesterday i did facebook-ing instead of running out while whole house like trembling…

    hahaha next time run!!

  9. hahahaha, singaporeans also la! Tweet and FB 1st before running hahaha!

    hahahaah Singaporeans and Malaysians XD

  10. I didn’t felt it this time. But last time i felt it when i was sitting on my chair, the chair was vibrating like my phone. And can also see my fan shaking.

    Woahh.. what an experience @@

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