Miao Staying in a Mixed Dorm

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Not sure why but it turns out the whole room was mine XD hohoho..

It was my first time stay in a Dorm. Since I’m traveling alone, so there’s no need to stay somewhere like super awesome as I will be out all the time.

No matter, I still quite happy that I paid for a bed but got the whole room in return..

then again…

You know what they always say about empty spaces.. @@

Something might just occupy them… jeng jeng jeng..

It will be so sca… oh wait… 😐

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  1. hahahah!~ creepy~ I use to stay in dorm with family like errr… about 6 people with 4 bed XD haha

    4 single beds?? O_O
    how to sleep?

  2. Staying in dorm is a very interesting experience. You can meet new people and forget about them afterwards. Like speed dating.

    hahahahahhaha XD
    bt I never try speed dating so dunno bout that

  3. eyyyyy…o.O, the dorm not separate to male and female dorm? can stayed together?

    The one I went only have mixed dorm.

  4. who is your monster? new pet? hehe, sorry coz im a bit slow 🙁

    Oh, Dafu is from my CNY wallpaper. I got draw a comic strip about him.

  5. this is kinda new to me @@” okay next time i travel will do more research on accommodation~ tq~

    welcome 🙂
    Some places provide all female dorm. You can choose those.

  6. Too bad, do u hear footsteps sound at midnight, hahaha. Tried that when I was backpacking alone. I was a bit afraid at 1st but luckily I met many nice backpackers from different countries.

    I do. XD coz the wooden floor was too soft.
    woahh awesomeeee.. i want too T3T

  7. Hahaha.. So sad… If the roommates arrived and they are three elderly female, what will happen to U?

    One more thing, why did u join the Nufffang’s Averanger Movie? U could have come out something better, right Emperor Miao…

    LOL I think I have a lot of questions to answer XD
    Elderly likes to ask questions a lot

    The screening is in KL. I’m in Borneo, so can’t join also XD

  8. Besides, Ernest so call “Knife Man” is not too convincing. Even Magneto could easily defeated him for good.

    Lol XD but no magneto in avengers XD

  9. Forever Miao xD

    Hey, it’s been a while since i don’t catch up your blog, getting to know you are going back home, who knows what the future will bring right? haha

    Welcome back man 😀
    Uh hum uh hum 🙂
    I believe it will be an awesome one

  10. I used to live in a hostel… for one year!!
    In a room with 5 other people (so 6 total incl me)… boys & girls.. all mixed…
    Not always the same people.. I moved rooms like 5 or 6 times… haha… it was definitely an interesting experience.. I should blog about it someday!

    I stayed in lots of dorms while travelling.. mix.. or girl only.. some places.. girls on one side of building.. guys on another… very inconvenient if you are travelling with mixed group of friends.. tho girls only dorms usually smell much better than mixed or guy dorms… (some places, you can visit the other side during the day to see your friends.. just at night, cannot while ppl are sleeping…)

    It is very fun and I have met some good friends this way.. but also a lot of people I forget already or wouldn’t care never to see again.. but mostly people are really friendly!! 🙂

    Woahh nice experience. 😀
    I think usually friendly people will choose Dorm lor. XD

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