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Avengers the movie is coming out this Thursday!! Woohoo!! Can’t wait for it. Anyone here going to watch it? I heard there’s another version of avengers called Miao-vengers. Don’t believe me? Check out this.

Tada!! Miao version of Avengers XD hahaha

I posted this on my Facebook page last night. Many of them asked for the wallpapers and so I made a couple resolution for it.. hehe

1024 x 768  1280×800  1366×768  1440×900   1920×1080

Hope you like it. 🙂

Oh do like my Facebook page if you haven’t, trying to reach 2k in this month hahaha.. thank you. 🙂

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  1. OMG cuteness overdosed…..now admitted to ” cyber hospital”…. your fault XD

    you should make another wallpaper that Miao-Avengers involved in fight scene…i think it will be nice for sure

    hahaha ya it will but i will admit to the hospital too after that XD

  2. It looks great, bro. But sumthing isn’t right….
    If Black Cat is replacing as Black Widow,
    Like that Black cat is a Male cat, Female cat or Transgender…
    OMGWTHPBJ…. :$

    But love Mulk even though he look Pek cia

  3. Love the wall paper, one problem.
    If BlackCat is replacing Black Widow
    Like that Black Cat is Male Cat, Female Cat or Transgender Cat/
    OMGWTHPBJ.. … :$

    Like Mulk, but what is he not happy???

    That’s why I put Black Cat instead of Catwidow XD
    Then again he’s still a cat pretending as a female cat =.=

    Hulk always not happy wan XD

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