Miao’s aww-full experience with AirAsia

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This incident happened few weeks ago when I was on my way back to Sarawak, Kuching.

and finished it.  😐

Seriously, I have no idea what happened. I remembered I did not ordered any food  when I booked the ticket.  I was really hungry that time but was hesitate to order anything in order to save my stomach for my Sarawak Laksa and Kolok Mee.

I couldn’t stand it anymore when this lady beside me opened her meal box and the strong aroma of the Redang Chicken burst out and filled my nose.

And just when I about to opened the menu and order, the air stewardess called my name and I was given a meal. O_O

I acted cool as if I ordered the food, took it, ate it and finished it as if nothing weird happened while I kept questioning myself  “What happened? Who’s meal is this? I didn’t order anything!! Do I need to pay this?? I gonna die fat!!”.  Hahaha Free meal don’t waste.

Then again, thanks AirAsia or whoever ordered the meal for me. Thank you 🙂 It saved my life XD hahaha

If you wondering what it means by “aww-full“, well the “full” part is being full after the meal and aww part is when the plane decided to have 2 spins above Kuching City before it land. One round above the City Centre and another above the Mount Santubong  and Damai Beach. The views were awesome. I was looking and admiring the beauty of the city in awe. :3

It was the best experience I ever had on a plane. 😀 The surprise 2 rounds above the City and surprise lunch. 🙂 Too bad I have no photo of the view and meal. Hopefully, I get to ride on a plane above the city again, and this time so gonna bring my camera.

Any of you have any flying experience to share?

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  1. Oohhh…your fans ordered for you.
    You can eat Sarawak’s foods later. Eat the free dish first. ^____^

    Dunno ler but perfect timing hahahaha

  2. maybe is free gift cause you look like greedy cat… 😀

    hahahah i think should be hungry cat XD
    if greedy cat, food is not the only thing i want from the plane XD hahahaha

  3. SURE MOU!! ya in the plane the aroma of the food is most tempting. but its really costly too!

    Yealo. Super surprised.. I think the girl next to me also got a free food.
    She hv the “whose meal is this?” look on her face when she’s eating hahahaha XD

    Then again, not all hv food. @@

  4. Haha, you have a fan who works with AirAsia…saw your booking and ordered for you? 😛

    Hmm… couldn’t be.
    I bet no one here knows my real name XD

  5. lol. I was expecting something awful. never thought it’d be awe-full. lol. I’ve only been on a plane twice (forth and back) (when I am old enough to remember) and it was to Kuching. But usually when I went on board, I could see only clouds. But I love clouds~ oh so fluffy and white~~~

    Wait , you’re here?? when??

    Me too. I like too.. 😀

  6. my 2nd time experience with a.asia very “throw face” >< i feel very arrrrrrrrr… then when reach destination, those ppl beside datuk ask me what in my luggage = =

    oh my, what happen?

  7. Wah! So lucky la Miao.. I never have a free meal whenever I visit my hometown at Johor T^T
    “Your baby dino is so cute la when sleeping <3 "

    hahaha thanks XD with eye patch somemore hahah

    It was like a blue moon thing. I guess it was my lucky day gua.

  8. yup… alot of stories to be told when on the plane… especially with some crazy friends hehehehe XD there’s this one time on mas airlines.. we asked for some peanuts. maybe a pack or two and guess what… he juz gave us all =O ALL the PEANUTS that they have on that plane!! it’s kinda crazy hahahha XD and we end up eating too much of it =P

    Woahhh so nice!!!! I also want lorr..

  9. answering your question, I was there quite some time ago dy. Once in 2001 and once more in 2009 or 2010 I think. Hmm.. I should really plan another trip there soon~

    Woahh very recent ler

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