Miao as the acting Head of the Family

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My first day to take care of the family and I already failed to prepare the meals for my family. 😛 Now that I’m working from home, it’s easily to lost track of time since there’s no more colleagues telling me that the office hour already passed and it’s time to go home.

Then again, now my working period is 24/7, waking up in my office and sleeping in my office.  😐  LOL. Oh, in case you’re wondering what I do now. I’m a freelance designer now. XD Draw for life!! Wheee!!

Before that, gonna catch a breakfast first else I will not have any life to draw. XD hahaha..

Comments 33

  1. bad bad miao =( cute dinoragon turns into ugly dinoragon

    yealo 🙁
    hahah i like the species u gv him, dinoragon

  2. ur real job is not designer…ur real job is house manager :D.

    anyway gratz wei, not many ppl able to do what they want (or dare) for a living…many just dont take that leap of faith or rather work for money…

    Exactly hahaha
    well thank you.. money is evil 🙁

  3. Awww nxt time remember to feed da dino n da hamsters(including your sis xD(just jk)) but seriously nxt time dun forgot cuz my bro did tat once too! Lol

    hahha then ended up eating what?

  4. congrats miao! i follow your blog regularly and to see that you utilise your talent as a job is very encouraging. go for your dreams!!!

    Woahh thanks for following 🙂
    Well thank you ^^

  5. so nice to be working in the comfort of ur own house T___T i can never have that privilege :((((

    not tat nice without proper workstation and aircon

  6. wah~ they turned into hungry zombie xD
    i wonder what you’ll make for their dinner.. is it maggi? :XD

    Went out and bought some food back instead

  7. set your phone to ring when it’s time to eat/rest =D i did that when i’m at home alone… =.= too siok doing work w/out other kacau u right? huhuhu

    Need to put alarm adi

  8. good for u ! living up to ur dream job,i suppose? ah~if only i don’t have commitments overload 🙁 all the best dude

    Thanks man 🙂

  9. It’s true that you tend to lose the track of time. It’s sooo fun working from home. Can go out anytime XD

    Actually the opposite.
    work 24/7, no time to go out XD

  10. Miao, what line of design are you in? E.g. interior design or .. ?

    I do graphic design. Like logo, mascot, product package, menu redesign etc.. 🙂

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